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Whatever Wednesday: Looking Back at 2020!

Hello, Posse!

I am sure if you are like me, you are looking forward to 2020 coming to an end and have hope that 2021 will be a much better experience for us all! I look forward to being able to safely go out and run errands and buy my own groceries in person again.

In 2020, we have been prevented from doing so many things; traveling at will, going to concerts and sporting events, it has even prevented many from going to work, hugging loved ones, and so much more. The Covid19 crisis has cost people jobs and homes, family and friends, and worst of all, some have lost their own lives. I know many people who have contracted the virus, and thankfully, most escaped with a mild case. However, not all were so lucky. I have friends who have lost loved ones and spent the holiday season grieving their loss.

We here with have been lucky to escape the virus so far, but there are still months to go before the global situation is under control. We have been blessed that we are all able to work from home. For me, this was even a silver lining in all of the chaos of this year. My husband, Pedro, who normally travels quite a bit for work, was able to work from home. For the first time since we were married, we got to see each other every evening for almost an entire year.

We have missed out on a few things, we had planned to fly to Chile so I could meet more of his family who live there. I was to attend the Frankfurter Buchmesse here in Germany. It is the largest trade book fair in the world. However, Covid19 put a stop to that. I was to attend an award ceremony in England for an award for which I was a finalist. The organizers were forced to make the ceremony virtual due to Covid19 restrictions. While these things were disappointing, missing them will never outweigh the fact that we have made it through the year with our health and our family intact. We are blessed and we will be forever thankful for that.

As we head into 2021, we are praying that each and every one of you find peace, happiness, prosperity, and good health in the new year and for all your years to come. Thank you for being a part of our posse and we hope to keep you entertained well into the future.

With deepest gratitude,

Dianne Burckhardt

writing as Stephen Burckhardt


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