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Whatever Wednesday: Life . . .

Hello, Posse!

Things of been so crazy the last few days. Recently our microwave caught fire, that was fun. I did get to buy a new one so silver lining. Just when I was geared up to start writing part seven, Into the West: Family Ties there was some surprise repairs our landlord decided to do with no notice that caused a major disruption to my schedule yesterday. In short, I got no writing done yesterday and I don't even know if the issue was fixed in the apartment building. Murphy is so unforgiving.

On an up note, I recently got all the new printed editions of the serial from where I made all the updates to get them all formatted the same. I plan to do an unboxing video here soon and we can check them all out together and see how I did. I'm going back and forth over if I should do it live video or not. If I pre-record it, I can add captions and other things to the video, but a live can be fun because you get the real, dorky, unedited me . . . not sure if that is a plus.

I'm going to do a bit of research then get to writing part seven today. I need to look through the books and see if I mentioned an occupation for a character or not. It will be important for the first chapter. I will let you all know when I have the first chapter finished and uploaded to the secret page so those of you who want to do the trivia question hunt on the Members Only Page and read it can do so.

I also plan to make a few puzzles today for the companion fun book I will release this December for all the Members Only page members. I think I want to ad in some holiday crafts and recipes too. I just want it to be a lot of fun for anyone no matter what the age so it can be shared with the whole family. If you are not a member, it's free to join and you can quit anytime. Just click Exclusives in the menu at the top of the page and select the Members Only page in the dropdown menu to sign up.

I have an idea for a homemade Advent calendar I want to include in the book. I like this because you can fill it with whatever you want. If you are interested, start saving toilet paper (TP) rolls or paper towel rolls if you want to make one this Christmas. You are going to need 24 TP rolls if you want to fill it with bigger things or 12 and cut them each in half for smaller items.

You will also need one green crepe paper streamer, non-toxic glue stick or glue (like Elmers) or tape, scissors, and things to fill the compartments. I'm also using some silver tree tinsel in the compartments for added decoration as you open the days. I'm making one for Shaggy. He is allergic to most of the things that come in the pre-made Advent calendars for dogs so I thought I would make one for him with things he can actually eat. Yes, I spoil my dog . . . and I always will!

So now I'm off to do my research and get started on writing part seven. Keep watching my social media for updates on the release dates. I have more things I am working on and will let you know what is going on as things develop. I want this to be a Christmas to remember!

Have a great Wednesday, Posse!



Bonus . . .

If you are starting to plan for Thanksgiving, here is a great DIY decor video to help get your ideas flowing.

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Decorations - Brianna Noland


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