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Whatever Wednesday: Iced Tea Day!!

Hello Posse,

The blogs are going to be short and sweet this week as we are pushing like mad to try to get the advertising and promotions ready for a Father's Day release of Into the West: Most Wanted. If we cannot get them done in time, we might have to push things back to Independence Day. But we want to release it ASAP! Lord knows you have all been patiently waiting for it long enough!

We are also going to be dropping the Quarantine Boredom Busters as most places are opening up and people are going out again. We will be adding Family Time Ideas once in a while on Fridays with fun family time entertainment for the weekends.

Today happens to be National Iced Tea Day! I do love me some iced tea! I have always preferred it over soda any chance I can get it. That is one of the things I truly miss about living over here in Germany at the moment. Iced tea is not a thing here unless you go to Starbucks or a few select restaurants but none of them just have plain iced tea like back in Kansas. It all has fruit flavors or Tapioca pearls and not very much ice. It's just not the same!

Now, while I prefer plain iced tea with a tiny bit of Stevia and lots of ice, I know many people prefer something a bit more interesting so I found a few recipes that you might like to try.

by Bubble Tea Supply

And for those who are of legal drinking age, we give you . . .

We do not recommend anyone consume alcohol if you are under the legal drinking age. If you are of legal age to drink alcohol, please drink responsibly.

I hope you all have a great week and can enjoy the weekend.




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