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Whatever Wednesday: HER-oes!

Hello Posse!

Sorry I dropped the ball last week. I had planned to do a great blog about Earth Day and a recognition award I want to start this year to spotlight the great women in our lives. While I missed out on Earth Day we can still talk about giving recognition to some special people.

Things are tough for everyone right now and I wanted to do something to try to help lift some spirits and get some positive gratitude flowing. So I an putting together an award just for the great women in our lives. This new recognition award is called HER-oes. This award is just for HER, that woman in your life who makes things a little better just for being there for you. That woman who goes out of her way to help others even when she is not always getting the help she needs.

I want to start hearing from all of you. Who are the HER-oes in your life? Please go to and submit the short form to nominate your HER-oes.

I also recognize that sometimes we do not get recognition from others for our contributions to their lives so there is an option to nominate yourself as well as others. Tell us what you have done for other people that you may not have been recognized for doing. We care! We want to know!

We will be choosing one woman a month to honor on and at the end of the year we will chose one HER-o of the Year from the monthly winners. So please, nominate your HER-oes now!

With gratitude,


Quarantine Boredom Buster:

More Minute to Win It!

Not long ago I shared a video with Minute to Win It games. Recently I found a site with loads of Minute to Win It party games and ideas. Check out the treasure trove of ideas at Play Party Plan. You will not be sorry!

Have fun!



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