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Whatever Wednesday: Guilt Pleasures

Hello Posse!

I want to talk about guilty pleasures today. Now, for those of you who are Laurell K. Hamilton fans, I am not referring to her Anita Blake book Guilty Pleasures (though all of her books are a guilty pleasure of mine). What I am talking about is those things we go home after a tough day and we snuggle in to enjoy as a way to life our spirits.

I have a long list of guilty pleasures most involve books and movies and a few are food. My husband is not a fan of horror movies and TV shows so when he is gone I tend to indulge in marathons of my favorites. I'll make a big bowl of popcorn with M&Ms mixed in (something I got from my brother-in-law, Mike), pull up Netfilx on the Xbox, and snuggle in a warm blanket with my dog and relax.

Last night was one of those nights. I watched a few movies between writing jags. When I would get stuck on my storyline, I would watch something else to get out of my thoughts. I watched Sleep Doctor (loved it) and Good Witch, Bad Witch (love all of the Good Witch shows). Now, the second movie is not horror, it's more a chick-flick, which I truly hate admitting I watch. But I have actually watched all of The Good Witch series with Catherine Bell so I thought I should check out the movies too.

For books, I love all of Laurell K. Hamilton's books as well as Patricia Briggs, and J.R. Ward. Since junior high I have periodically reread the book, Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. I am also a big comic book fan. When I was in fifth grade I had a subscription to Thor comic books but as I got older my tasted branched out. While I do love Batman, I am otherwise a serious Marvel fangirl.

Another great stress buster for me is video games. I love Red Dead Redemption and all of the Batman games. My husband and I play Tank Wars together and I try to play Call of Duty with him but he is a LOT better at it than I am (sometimes I think he enjoys killing me a bit too much). I think in all the years we have played together I have only bested him about five times and he probably let me win few of those.

Besides these things I also love to indulge in the occasional hot chocolate, cafe mochas, dark chocolate and bean burritos. Not all together, of course, that would be way too much sugar and really gross. The only thing I really look forward to in winter is that I can drink a hot chocolate and not feel too guilty about the empty calories because it is keeping me warm.

Now, we would love to hear from you! What are your guilty pleasures? Share them in the comments.

I hope you have something fun to help you enjoy your week.




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