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Whatever Wednesday: Good News and Bad News!

Hello Posse,

I hope your plans for the holidays are going well. This time of year is always so busy for me with P.R. with our wedding anniversary the weekend before Christmas. This year has been especially crazy with P.R. finishing one project and being at home waiting until the next project starts in January. I developed horrible vertigo so bad that for a few months I had to walk with a cane to keep from falling over and caused a need for numerous doctor visits. Just as I started getting better, P.R. fell and broke a leg. These unexpected health issues have really derailed my writing schedule.

The Bad News

I had planned to participate in my very first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November) and use that time to write the fourth book in my serial and a short story to meet the word count for the NaNoWriMo challenge. I expected to send my entire book to my editor the last week of November and have it ready to go live, at least in ebook form (and hopefully print too) the week before Christmas. I have had to admit this week that will not happen.

With taking care of P.R. and taking over all the things P.R. normally does around the home plus dealing with my own health issues, I just did not get the book finished in time. I was rushing through the writing to meet my deadline and I wrote a chapter that in fact, I was not happy with at all. I realized I had to make a choice. I could keep forcing the writing to get a book out by Christmas as I had planned or I had to let go of my plan and take more time to write a book I was proud to put out. I want to be proud of my work.

So now I'm looking to have Into the West: Most Wanted out in early February at the latest. That will give me time for P.R. and I to heal, enjoy our anniversary and the holidays, and give me time to write a book I am proud to have you all read and not something that I just got out on time. I've been very happy with every book I have written in this series so far and I hope you will understand and support my decision to choose quality over speed.

The Good News

I love all the odd "holidays" you can find online. Recently it was Mutt Day, a day to share pictures of your dogs. My birthday lands on Talk Like a Pirate Day every year and today is Cookie Day!

To celebrate this wonderful day, I want to share one of my favorite cookie recipes from Taste of Home: Pecan Sandies (<-- click for recipe link)! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these cookies. I usually make these at Christmas so I can make gift baskets for the neighbors and give the majority of them away or I would eat them all!

If you want an easy, delicious cookie to share for the holidays, I sincerely suggest you try this recipe. You will not regret it!

Happy Cookie Day!


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