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Whatever Wednesday: Ghost Hunting Edition!

Hello Posse!

This coming Saturday is National Ghost Hunting Day. No matter your belief on if ghosts exist or not, you have to admit, a good ghost story can be fun. Personally, I subscribe to the basic scientific belief that energy cannot be created or destroyed. We know the human body contains energy. We can prove this every easter with the little toys that look like chicks with two metal pins on the bottom. When you set the chick in our hand against your skin, it starts to peep.

That toy is using the energy in the human body to make sound. Since we know there is energy in a human body and we know that energy cannot be destroyed, we have to ask, what happens to that energy when the body dies? Could that be what we call ghosts?

It would explain some of the equipment used for ghost hunting. There are meters that read electromagnetic fields and meters that can be lit up with electrical surges. Others that can produce words much like the peeps created be the toy chick.

Over the years, ghost hunting has become quite popular. TV shows and ghost hunting societies have been cropping up around the globe. I personally was involved in ghost hunting many many years ago. It was quite boring most of the time. There were very few places we went that we ever caught anything of interest. But when we did find something, it was fascinating.

My favorite story was when we investigated the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas. The hotel is worth a visit even if you think ghost hunting is all hokum and nonsense. The hotel is a great historical site and the town is lovely. We stayed in the room with the corner stone in the bedroom. It was reported to be the most haunted.

The people at the hotel were very kind and gave us lots of information about the hotel after we did our initial investigation. We didn't want to taint our findings with too much knowledge of previously reported events. We had a lot of fun doing our investigation.

A few weird things happened that night. One thing that really started to irritate me was the elevator door. It was an old, very small elevator. I don't like elevators of any kind but old, small ones are definitely my least favorite. Every single time my friend and I rode the elevator, the doors closed on me. I tried going in first, going in last, going in before the doors finished opening, counting to five then going in. It did not matter what I did, they always shut on me. After the fifth time, I started taking the stairs.

There were other interesting things that happened that I just might use for a paranormal book one day. I think that would be a lot of fun to write. Do you like ghost stories? Have you ever gone ghost hunting or had your own encounter with something unexplained? I would love to hear from you!

Take care and happy hunting!



Energy in the human body


The 25th happens to be Shaggy's 5th birthday. Being the crazy dog mom that I am, I got chicken livers to make him a special liver and oatmeal "cake". I have done this twice a year since we adopted him, once on his birthday and once on his "gotcha day" in February. There will be pictures in the Friday blog.



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