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Whatever Wednesday: Garden Time!

Hello Posse!

With the weather turning nicer, many people start thinking about starting a vegetable garden. We do not have a yard available to us in our second floor apartment so we have turned to container gardening. Last year, we had a nice crop of tomatoes and beans. Our carrots and spring onions produced a few, but not nearly what we had hoped for. This year I plan to change things up a bit and hope for a good crop of beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions and maybe even some squash. I dream big.

For those of you lucky enough to have access to land for a garden, here are a few tips from the experts to get you ready to plant this Spring. Next Wednesday, I plan to cover some tips on container gardening for those of you who are like me. I will also have a few tips on starting seeds inside and transferring them to containers or your garden plot.

I hope the weather is warm enough for you to play in the dirt. Nothing beats stress like having your hands in the soil and seeing your efforts grow! What do you like to grow in your garden? Do you prefer flowers, vegetables, herbs or go for a mix of all of the above?

I hope to hear from a few of you on this topic, but for now, I'm heading back to the writing part 5, Into the West: Last Showdown! We are getting so close to being done posse! Keep watching my social media for the next sneak peek!

Have a great week, Posse!



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