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Whatever Wednesday: First Dates

Hello, Posse!

I thought this would be a fun topic for today as it happens to fall on the 8th anniversary of the first date for my husband and I. Before I met Pedro, I had some incredibly BAD first dates. So bad, they make you want to give up dating altogether and just adopt a lot of pets kind of bad.

From guy not showing up or even calling for hours after he date was scheduled to admitting to felonies in first date idle conversation. It really was an interesting time being single and I thank God everyday I am past that.

When my husband and I set up our first meeting, we were very straight forward with each other. We both agreed that we were getting too old for games and pretense and we would rather just lay all our cards on the table from the get go and not waste our time if things did not feel right. I think that should have been the first sign that it was going to work out for us.

We agreed to just meet for lunch one day and see if we clicked enough to make a date. This was not going to be a date, just lunch. We'd meet for the length of time it took to order and eat then, if we had any interest we would set a date. If there was no interest, we would part ways and at least we had a pleasant lunch out.

We met at the Hana Cafe in Old Town in Wichita, Kansas. Our quick little lunch ended up lasting eleven hours. We ended up leaving the cafe and going other places. At one stop, Pedro surprised me with the rose you see here. I dried it and it still hangs on our bedroom wall.

Our date lasted so long because once we started talking, we just couldn't stop. We are still like that. We can talk about anything and everything and often have trouble shutting up. We dated constantly from then on and were engaged in three months and married in December of that same year. It would have been sooner but Pedro had trouble getting time off for the honeymoon from the company he had just started working for when we met.

In December 2020, we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and we are still going strong. Now, I hope some of you will share your first date stories. You can share whatever you want, the good, the bad, the funny, whatever you want.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening,



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