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Whatever Wednesday: Easter Is Coming!

Hello Posse!

I hope everyone is having a great week and is looking forward to Easter. I know we are in our house. Even though we do not have any children in the house, I always like to color some boiled eggs for us and put up a few decorations. I give my husband a little basket with some treats and this year I will be making a traditional German lamb cake for us.

Usually, I would just buy one, but the last few years I have had a difficult time finding one in the stores. They sell out pretty fast in our neighborhood and this was even before the pandemic. So this year I ordered a 3D cake mold and will just make our cake.

You can see the traditional Osterlammkuchen (Easter Lamb Cake) (<--- click for recipe) pictured to the left. I love that it just has a simple powdered sugar dusting as the decoration and often a ribbon tied around the neck of the lamb to an extra festive touch.

While it might be hard to find a traditional German style lamb cake mold in your area. Wilton makes a lamb mold that would work just as well.

Easter can also be a great time to do some family crafts to get in the mood for the holiday. I have included a few videos of some great quick and fun crafts you can try at home. I plan to try a few of these here this next week.

One plea I would like to share, please do not buy chicks, ducks, or rabbits as Easter gifts unless you know how to raise these animals and are ready for the 8-14 year commitment they will require. These pets cannot be released into the wild. They will die if not taken care of properly. If you want to gift an animal for the holiday, a stuffed one is your best bet and bonus . . . they don't poop!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember the Into the West Saga Serial books would fit nicely into any Easter basket . . . and again, no poop involved.




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