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Whatever Wednesday: Birthdays!

Hello, Posse!

It is great that the 28th just happened to fall on a Whatever Wednesday so I can use my blog to wish my #1 beta reader (who happens to be my mother) a wonderful birthday. It is difficult living so far away from family at times like these. My husband sent me back to the U.S. for mom's birthday the year before CoVid hit. I am so thankful I got to have that time with her.

When day's like today come around, I always start to wonder how many other people in the world make a big deal out of birthdays. As for me, birthdays have always been a big deal. I love birthday's so much that whenever people ask me how old I am, I never say how old I am but how old I will be on my next birthday. I have always been like that for as long as I can remember.

I also like celebrating big! Not necessarily with a big party, but with something memorable. When I was 25, I went bungee jumping at the Kansas State Fair on my birthday. That started a birthday stunt trend that I have tried my best to keep up with over the years. Every five years I would go do something crazy on my birthday. I reasoned that I love doing dangerous things like this anyway so if I save them to do on my birthdays, and something goes terribly wrong and I should not survive the stunt, it's still kind of cool. I would end up going out on the day I came into the world. Yes, my friends have told me this is a morbid thought, but it makes sense to me and is oddly comforting (and a little amusing).

I have done some great stunts in my life. I have gone scuba diving, skydiving, even flown a glider in the Rockies, I have been planning on a hot air balloon flight for years, but something seems to always muck up our plans.

We had planned to go for my 50th birthday, but my husband and my dog got a stomach bug and I spent my birthday taking care of the two of them. We did get to go see Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias live on stage a few days after my birthday so it was still a great birthday. I plan to try again for my 55th birthday next year. Cross your fingers for me.

For my family and friends, I love to make a big deal out of their birthdays as well. I made banners for my mom and dad that I would always put on the front of the house. I would decorate inside and make sure they had their favorite things to celebrate. Dad is not fond of cake so he always got birthday donuts.

I had only been dating my husband for a few weeks when his birthday came around. I found out what his favorite kind of cake was and made one for him. I invited him over for dinner and threw him a surprise Star Wars themed birthday. I think that might have been one of the reasons he proposed to me. Since we have been married I have thrown him a lot of Star Wars birthday parties. Once I even made him a Yoda cake. Pedro has even learned to bake cakes so he can make my birthday cakes for me. It was so incredibly sweet.

I would love to know about all of you. Do you celebrate birthdays? Do you go big or have a quiet day? If you don't celebrate, why not? Share your photos and stories with us. We would love to hear from you all. While you are at it, I would love it if we could fill the comments on this blog up with Happy Birthday messages for my mom, Sharon Stephens. If you read my books you should recognize that as the name for the mouthy matriarch for my town Sharon Springs, which was named for her. Yes, my mother is as feisty as my character in person too

No matter if you celebrate birthdays or not, I wish you all many, many more!

Happy Birthday, Mom!



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