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Whatever Wednesday: 365 Days "Safe at Home"

Hello Posse,

I hope this blog finds you all happy and healthy. As you can see from the title, today is a milestone for me and my husband. It was one year ago today when Pedro got his orders to begin working from home. Luckily for us, his job can be done completely virtually. As for me, I am basically a housewife, (and luckily for me) that job is actually required to be done in the home.

It has been so strange spending this much time with my husband. We had just been dating a few months when he got a job offer in Europe. He asked me to marry him, I said yes, then three days later left for his new job. I would not see him in person again until the following December, two weeks before our wedding. Then, two weeks after the wedding, he had to return to Europe for work. I would not get to move to Europe with him until eight months later.

Before CoVid, Pedro had spent most of his time in client offices doing work on site a few days every week. This often meant flying out of town on a regular basis. Our marriage had no trouble dealing with that kind of schedule. We are both very independent, capable people who can function very well on our own when we have to so. When you get along so well with so much time apart, you do not always get along so well when forced to constantly be together. Especially with two very independent, capable people who can function very well on their own.

Part of me honestly expected a lot more disagreements this past year. I'm still a little shocked they didn't happen. We do go out for walks and we keep in touch with friends and family online in texts and video chats, but for the most part it has just been me and Pedro (and our dog, Shaggy) in this six room apartment for the last 365 days. We have not even had a repair man in the apartment. All deliveries have been left at the door. Pedro has had to go out into the public a handful of times but I have been out exactly twice. Once for an eye exam and once to pick up my new glasses.

As much as I am dying to go out and do normal things like go to a movie, or shopping, or to a restaurant, I am actually very thankful for this time I have had with my husband. We have grown so much closer during this time together. If there is anything good that has come out of this horrible pandemic for us, it is getting to spend so much time together. We have played video games, watched movies, we have date nights every Friday, we have been expanding our culinary skills and talking . . . a LOT.

I have always been one to try to find the good in even the worst situations and finding out I definitely married the right man for me is my "pandemic silver lining". What, if anything, good has come out of this last year for you?

Speaking of culinary skills, I made my first ever soufflé this past week. It was so easy and tasted fantastic. I was shocked! In fact, it was so good I just have to share the recipe will you all. Mom’s Cheese and Spinach Soufflé from Jacques Pepin's Quick Simple cookbook. (<--- click for recipe)

This recipe was incredibly easy. You can even mix it up the night before and leave in the refrigerator until morning. Then just pop it in the oven for a quick, tasty breakfast that is sure to wow everyone at your table.

If you give it a try, I will bet it will become a regular weekend treat, it will be in our home. You can pair this with a little sausage or a fruit and yogurt parfait and you have an impressive (easy) brunch. I actually made this for dinner and paired it with a nice salad and roasted corn with herb butter. I hope you like it.

And as a bonus, today is National Tortilla Chip Day. We have to celebrate that with great tortilla chip recipes. Taste of Home's website is a favorite place of mine to find tasty, easy recipes. They have a page dedicated to Recipes to Make with a Bag of Tortilla Chips. (<--- click to go to recipes) You can find recipes for everything from cheesy nachos to numerous kinds of dips and even salad. Why not celebrate this National Day with something tasty from Taste of Home?

Have a great Wednesday, posse! I hope you all stay safe, healthy, and have a wonderful week!




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