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Wednesday Whatever: Garden Hacks!

Hello Posse!

With the craziness going on in the world right now and grocery shelves being wiped clean of some things, I thought I would share a few easy garden hacks that might help get you through the weeks ahead or anytime, really.

Have you ever tried home gardening from kitchen scraps? It is surprisingly easy! You do not always need seeds to grow your own food. There are many things you can grow from scraps leftover when you use something such as lettuce, spring onions, and celery. Just cut the root end off and place in a glass of water. Change the water everyday and make sure they do not go dry. Place in a sunny spot and watch the plants regrow.

Here you see romaine lettuce, celery, and spring onions beginning to sprout after just a few days in water. I have a red onion I am trying as well but not sure is that one will work. It never hurts to try though. I also have lime seeds I am trying to sprout so I can put them in soil to go with my lemon tree I stared from seeds last year.

To see how this kind of thing is done, check out this video below and start your own home garden today!

Happy Gardening!




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