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Wednesday Whatever: Election Stress!

Hello Posse!

I hope this blog finds you all safe, healthy, and not too stressed as we wait for this nail-biter of an election to come to the conclusion. I hope everyone who is eligible was able to get out and exercise your right to vote. There are a few great things about having come from Kansas and being able to vote early and online are two of them.

This election has been extremely heated for months and it does not look as if it will calm down anytime soon even after we get a final decision. No matter what the outcome, there will be millions of unhappy Americans who will be morning the defeat of their candidate. However, it would serve us all well to remember that this is the democratic process. If your candidate does not win this year, make a plan for the next election. Work locally to support your causes and never ever sacrifice your morals or personal beliefs for popular opinion. Stay strong!

In the mean time, it is good to do some things for self-care. turn off the TV and social media for a while. Once your vote has been cast, your part is done. Take a break from the rhetoric and spend some time with your family, watch a movie (check Monday's blogs for suggestions), go for a walk, play a board game, read a good book (see the Books tab for my suggestions for those), just have fun.

No matter who wins their elections today, America goes on. Elections will come around again in a few years for mid-terms. There will always be more ways to bring about the changes you want to see in the government. Do not lose faith.

Take care of yourselves and your families.


P.S. This is my 300th blog on Considering how often I forgot to do them when I was first starting out, this is pretty amazing to me. Let us know what is your favorite thing about the blogs or a suggestion for something to make them better.

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