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Wednesday Whatever: Dishin' the Dirt!

Hello, Posse!

The weather is finally turning warmer and we are ready to start putting out the plants we started in the apartment about a month ago. My tomato plants have grown to about 2 feet tall and already have tomatoes starting. I would have moved them out on the patio by now but the weather was still getting frosty at night until recently.

I hope to get a few other things planted this weekend. I want to plant more beans this year. This time I plan to put them in a long planter and sit it at the base of our patio railing and tie a few strings from the planter to the top rail and let the vines just use the strings and rail for support.

I also plan to try growing some corn in a large pot. Since they have shallow roots, I hope this will work. I have never had much luck growing corn, it always seems to end up with corn smut.

What is corn smut you ask? It is a plant disease caused by the pathogenic fungus. It actually creates edible tumors in the corn that is also called Huitlacoche.

The crazy thing is, this is actually edible and there are a number of recipes online for corn smut but I just have never been able to bring myself to try it. Food Republic has a lot of good basic information about Huitlacoche (<--- click here) if you want to try to use it dishes in your own kitchen.

If you are curious about corn smut check out the video below from Why Would You Eat That?

(Disclaimer: we do not endorse some of the humor in this video or the trick they play on their employee, but there is a lot of good information in the video.)

So if you are planning to grow a garden this summer, what will you be planting? I have always had more luck with herbs and vegetables than with flowers and decorative plants. I'm not sure why. But no matter what, I always enjoy spending time with my hands in the dirt and watching things grow.

Don't forget to check out Stephen Burckhardt's Into the West Saga Serial books. They are a great companions when you are lounging in the garden this spring. Part five, Into the West: Last Showdown, is so unbelievably close to being done! If you haven't read these books, now is the time to jump in and get caught up on the serial for the next book, coming SOON!

Have a great a Wednesday, Posse!

And happy planting!



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