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Special: Art in the Spotlight

a woman with curls shoulder length hair is wearing headphones and a button down shirt. She is holding a paint pallet and is facing a canvas on an easel. She is painting but you cannot see what she is painting painting

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Tips for Making Your Creations Stand Out

Blog post by guest contributor, Cody McBride

Navigating the literary world as an indie author involves more than just penning great stories. It's about strategically positioning your work in a space crowded with voices, ensuring your unique narrative reaches the right ears. This Burckhardt Books guide offers actionable strategies tailored for indie authors aiming to amplify their visibility and connect more profoundly with their audience.

Connect Through Charity

Engaging in charity events or auctions with your creative services not only underscores your commitment to social causes but also introduces your work to a broader, philanthropically-minded audience. This approach not only enhances your personal brand but also aligns your literary efforts with meaningful causes, creating a narrative for potential readers who value community impact.

Leverage Local Presence

Participating in local art festivals and fairs is a dynamic way to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of your community. These events offer the invaluable opportunity for face-to-face engagement, allowing you to showcase your work, gather direct feedback, and establish personal connections with your audience. Such interactions can translate into a loyal local following, crucial for word-of-mouth promotion in the digital age.

Design an Impactful Press Kit

A well-designed press kit acts as a vital conduit, linking the essence of your creativity to the media landscape by presenting a concise summary of your projects, milestones, and distinctive narrative. It simplifies the task for journalists and bloggers to spotlight your creations, by handing them a comprehensive packet of information. This strategy not only broadens your audience but also significantly elevates your profile in the literary world.

Business Formalization

Formalizing your literary endeavors by establishing a business framework, particularly starting a limited liability company with Zenbusiness, transcends mere legal safeguards to fundamentally enhance your professional image. This pivotal step not only fortifies your work with essential legal defenses but also markedly boosts your standing in the professional realm, reflecting an unwavering dedication to your artistry. It acts as a clear declaration of your commitment, garnering increased confidence and esteem from clients, partners, and the wider literary circle, thus paving the way for more fruitful collaborations and opportunities.

Harness E-commerce

Integrating an online store on your website does more than facilitate the direct sale of your books. It offers a platform to present your work on your own terms, fostering a direct connection with your readership. This autonomy is crucial for indie authors, providing a channel to build and sustain a reader base without intermediaries.

Pitch with Precision

Actively pitching your work to publishing houses and media outlets is critical for gaining exposure. A well-crafted pitch that highlights the uniqueness of your story can pique the interest of publishers and journalists, leading to opportunities for wider coverage. This proactive approach is essential for breaking through the noise and capturing the attention of a broader audience.

Create Your Own Stage

Organizing personal events or showcases is a direct method to generate interest and engage with your audience. By hosting your own events, you create unique experiences that deepen the connection with your readers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the worlds you create. These gatherings are not just promotional opportunities; they're platforms for community building and personal interaction.

Professionalize Client Engagements

Employing sign-and-fill PDFs for client contracts streamlines the administrative side of your authorship, lending an air of professionalism to your operations. Clear, mutually agreed-upon contracts ensure that both you and your clients have a solid understanding of expectations, fostering trust and credibility in your professional relationships.


As indie authors chart their paths through the literary landscape, embracing these strategies can significantly enhance their visibility and audience engagement. It's about more than just writing; it's about strategically sharing your stories with the world. Remember, in the vast ocean of literature, your unique voice deserves to be heard. By employing these approaches, you not only elevate your work but also forge a deeper, more meaningful connection with your readers.




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