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Monday Movie Madness: Vacation Time!

Hello, Posse!

This weekend is going great. Our giveaway for Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition has put it back on the Best Sellers lists on Amazon. It spent the entire weekend in the top 15 on German Amazon and in the top 30s on the United Kingdom's Amazon. The book sat around 105 all weekend on American Amazon, but did not have a noticeable move from the normal positions on Canadian Amazon this time.

The debut of part six, Into the West: Last Showdown was not too bad. On the American Amazon site, it opened at #846,955 in all books in the Kindle Store, #7,332 in U.S. Historical Fiction, #12,350 in Westerns (Kindle Store), and #14,926 in Westerns (Physical Books). When you consider I do not have any money for advertising and everything I am doing is from posting on social media and word of mouth, that is not terrible.

Now that the weekend is almost over and the giveaway will end tonight (I'm writing this on Sunday, Sept. 26th) we need to take a few days to relax. I was personally so stressed this weekend, I yelled at Shaggy when he started barking at the doorbell. I never yell at my dog. I knew when that happened, I needed to take a break.

So I am taking this week off of "Book Stuff" and just relaxing and reading some books I have not had time for the last few months. Have a great week posse and I will be back next Monday with The Searchers. It falls on National Taco Day so I'm going to have to share my favorite recipe for homemade tacos. When you realize how easy this recipe is and how good it tastes, you will never buy taco shells again.

Have a great week, posse!



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