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Monday Movie Madness: The Rare Breed

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Hello, Posse!

Well, yesterday was exciting for me. Last Friday I released my new book, part five of the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: To Save Them All. To entice people to try my serial I always give away my Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition because it has parts one and two in one download. I know a lot of people hate buying a new book in a series if they have no idea how it started, the giveaway takes care of that.

Every time I giveaway Into the West: A New Home - Special Edition, it has made it to the Amazon Best Seller list somewhere for free ebooks. It had previously made it up to #13 for a short while. This time around I was hoping to at least crack the top 10 on one list somewhere.

However, this time around . . . Lord have mercy, it did so well! It actually hit #1 on two lists in Germany, broke into the top 10 on four lists, the top 20 on two lists, the top 50 on two lists and the top 100 on one. This was spread out through four countries: Germany, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. I am still shocked!

I have no idea if this will translate into more sales for the saga or not, but it gives one hope! If you didn't get a chance to download the free ebook this time around, do not worry. It will go free again for two days when I release part 6, Into the West: Last Showdown here in a month or so.

But now, on with our movie!

Today's flick is The Rare Breed staring James (Jimmy) Stewart. I have always love Jimmy Stewart films ever since I was a kid. He had such a wonderful boy next door quality about him in most films but could still surprise you with his comedic and serious dramatic work.

The Rare Breed is an American dramatic western and was released in 1966 by Universal Pictures. It stars James Stewart, Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith with a supporting cast that includes many recognizable actors such as Juliet Mills, Don Galloway, David Brian, Jack Elam, Ben Johnson, and Harry Carey Jr..

This film is said to be based, however loosely, on the life of Col. John William Burgess. The story follow recent widow, Martha Evans (O'Hara), as she tries to fulfil the dying wish of her late husband, to bring Hereford cattle to the American West. Evans makes the journey from England to America with her prize bull, Vindicator. He is sold at auction and it is during the delivery of the bull that the story really happens. Double crosses, theft attempts, and unexpected attractions lead up to a surprising conclusion.

Movie Snack Recipe

What would go better with a movie about Hereford cattle being introduced to the U.S. than a recipe from The Hereford Beef organization in the UK? They have some wonderful appetizer recipes on their site including this Hereford Beef Canapes with Truffle Pea Purée. (<--- click for recipe) Not a bad quick and easy snack to enjoy while you watch how this incredible breed was brought to the U.S..

So now you know what time it is, Posse! Time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great western movie.




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