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Monday Movie Madness: The Mandalorian

Hello Posse!

In case you are not the complete Star Wars geek that we are in our home, tomorrow is May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. Tomorrow, if you hear your friends saying, "May the 4th be with you", you know they are a Star Wars superfan. Given this auspicious holiday, I thought it would be a good time to look at the Disney+ Original series created by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian, as another Star Wars space western.

The show centers around the Mandalorian who begins the series as a gun for hire. It is five years after Return of the Jedi in the universe's timeline. It is after the fall of the Empire but there are still may remaining factions in operation. The Mandalorian makes a living hunting down various wanted targets for bounty. He is the quintessential lone gunman.

To further disconnect him from the world he travels in, he wears a helmet which he never removes in front of another being, as per the code of his adopted tribe of Mandalorians who followed the ancient ways. His life seems to be progressing as he had planned until the day he gets hired to do a special job. His is hired by former members of the Imperial force to deliver a child to them. After spending time with the child, he becomes conflicted about carrying out the job. While he does deliver the child, he cannot stop thinking about what could be happening to him and rescues the child from his client.

Now he and the child must go on the run as a bounty has been issued for him and the child. The pair must stay on the move to avoid capture. The places they go and the people they meet, make for one amazing adventure after another. No matter the dangers they face, the Mandalorian is determined to find a home where the child will finally be safe.

If you have not checked out The Mandalorian it is more than worth the time. We binge watched the first series on one weekend then just had to suffer until they released season two.

Snack Recipe

While today's snack recipe suggestion is not a traditional movie snack food, it was just too cute to pass up and is a perfect match for The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda Deviled eggs.

If you search online you will find quite a few variations on this but we decided to go with Future of Star Wars', How to Make Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs. Their version is not only quick and easy but the ratios sound tasty (we are out of avocados at the moment so I have not been able to try this). The only trouble you might have is these might be just too cute to eat.

So now it's that time, pose! Time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great (space) western!



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