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Monday Movie Madness: Stagecoach

Hello, Posse!

I hope everyone is having a great day. I have to say I am so not feeling up to writing this blog today. I was up until 5 am this morning working on part six, Into the West: Last Showdown. The first chapter is still being a bit ornery, but I am slowly wrangling it into shape. That darn Sheriff Jones from Missouri is as much of a pain to me as he is to Blackjack and Shorty!

Today's movie is another great form John Wayne. Sometimes I think I could just spent all of my time writing blogs about his movies and that would keep me busy for quite a while. I have already covered most of my favorites, but there are so many I am still learning about. Like this movie today. I have just started watching it after discovering the full version online for this blog. It hasn't even finished and I'm thinking about watching it again.

The movie I am talking about is Stagecoach staring Claire Trevor and John Wayne and was directed by none other than the legendary John Ford. This movie has been called Wayne's "breakthrough roll". The movie was released in 1939 by United Artists. Trevor and Wayne are joined on the cast by other notable actors of the time including John Carradine, Thomas Mitchell, Andy Devine, Louise Platt, George Bancroft, Donald Meek, Berton Churchill, Tim Holt, and Tom Tyler to name a few. Even if you do not recognized the names, I am sure if you are a fan of movies from this era, you will know most of these actors by sight.

The movie follows a group of unusual passengers as the travel west by an Overland stagecoach in June of 1880. The group is heading for New Mexico through Apache territory and are dealing with the ever-present fear of a possible Indian attack. Geronimo and his Apaches have been reported to be on the warpath.

The trip begins with a motley crew that includes a gambler, a whiskey salesman, an alcoholic doctor (who commanders the whiskey salesman's samples), a prostitute who was been run out of town by a group of "proper" women, and the respectable wife of a cavalry officer who is on her way to meet up with him (she is also pregnant).

Marshal Curley Wilcox joins the group while on the look out for an escaped fugitive, The Ringo Kid (Wayne), who he later arrests and adds to the overcrowded stagecoach. An unscrupulous banker also joins the troupe. Unknown to the other passengers, he is actually on the run after embezzling money from his bank. The odd mix of characters must learn to trust each other and band together to make it to their destination safely.

Stagecoach kid of reminds me of other movies like Clue, Rope, and even And Then Their Were None (to name just a few), where you have a cast of very different characters "trapped" together and they begin to open up and learn a lot about each other and find that first impressions are not always what they seem. It is well worth the watching!! I am so glad I found this movie. I really enjoyed it.

Movie Snack Recipe

This simple puff pastry Ham and Cheese Pinwheel recipe comes from Well Plated by Erin. Using pre-made puff pastry makes this a quick and easy tasty treat for movie night or any night.

You can always play with the ingredients and make this your own. Personally, I plan to make this with vegan deli slices and vegan cheese and call them "Stagecoach" wheels.

So now it's that time, posse. Time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great western movie.



P.S. Don't forget many great western movies started out as great western novels. Why not try the award-winning Into the West Saga Serial books by me, Stephen Burckhardt.

Stagecoach Trailer (1939)

Stagecoach Full Movie (1939)


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