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Monday Movie Madness: Red River Valley

Hello Posse!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward a great week. We are looking forward to Easter here and have been doing a few things to try to cheer up the place and feel a bit more festive. Since we do not have kids to hide eggs for, we just decorate with plastic eggs to try to make things a little festive. It is fun to put some treats in plastic eggs and see Shaggy get all excited opening them. Yes, we are easily amused but at least it is an enrichment exercise for apartment living dog.

Today, I had the movie Blue River in my notes to feature, but when I went to find statistics for the movie, I found very little. I do not remember seeing this movie so there was no way to just do it from memory like so many of the other movies I share. But when I was searching for Blue River, I found Red River Valley. I found a video clip with Roy Rogers and George "Gabby" Hayes. I love them both so I thought, I'll just switch it up.

After I found the video and did a search for movie stats, I realized the movie poster I had found for Red River Valley had Gene Autry on it not Roy Rogers, then I found another movie Poster for Red River Valley with John Wayne. Not too confusing. So apparently Red River Valley was either a very popular movie and was remade several times or just the title was very popular for westerns. No matter what, we are checking out the Red River Valley with Roy Rogers today.

This movie does not have a much information easily available. Thanks to IMBd I was able to find enough information to give you all some decent information on it. This American western movie was released in 1941 by Republic Pictures. It stars Roy Rogers, George "Gabby" Hayes, Gale Storm, and was directed by Joseph Kane.

The story follows ranchers in the Red River Valley as they raise money to build dam. Unfortunately, the money is stolen. Allison (Trevor Bardette) tells the ranchers they should "temporarily" sell their stock in the dam to a friend of his to get the money to finish it. Rogers (himself) suspects Allison had something to do with the robbery and is in cahoots with his friend to get control over the valley and their water rights. Roy and his friends do everything they can to delay the stock sale until they can get the evidence they need to expose Allison and his partners.

Check out the video below for the full movie, available on YouTube.

Movie Snack Recipe:

Red River Valley Potatoes

Cheesy Oven Fries

What better snack could we pair with the Red River Valley than Cheesy Oven Fries from Red River Valley Potatoes? (<--- Click for recipe)

These lovely crispy potato wedges are a great snack for movie time or as a side dish for burgers, fish, or just about anything. Try this with a little sour cream and chive dip, nacho cheese dip, or, one of my new favorite dips, Sriracha and mayo mixed together. You really can't go wrong with these tasty treats!

So now, you know what time it is, posse. It's time to get your snacks and settle in for another great western!




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