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Monday Movie Madness: Night Passage

Hello, Posse!

I have been hard at work this last week getting all of the books in the Into the West Saga Serial uploaded into the same formatting program. When I started writing this serial I had no idea if things would work out to allow me to continue it for as long as I have. Honestly, if it weren't for my incredible "better half", P.R., none of this would be possible.

In fact, everything I was able to get accomplished this past week is due in large part to P.R.. P.R. took over everything in the house for several days so I could focus on doing nothing but working on the books. Even with P.R.'s help, I was up until 4 or 5 am almost every day and then back up around 10 am to get at it again. I'm pooped, but I got so much done.

With a little luck I should be able to finish this hardcover book set up today and get things loaded up this week for them all to go live. Then I plan to start writing part seven, Into the West: Family Ties. The final novella in t the Into the West Saga Serial. I do nave plans to write more serials which will all be part of the Territories Saga Serials which will take place in different U.S. territories.

For now, the plan is to take a break from writing books next year to learn how to create audiobooks. I have most of my studio equipment ready to go, I just need to work on some soundproofing. I also, want to create more merchandise including a companion fun book I hope to have ready for Christmas.

So that is enough news for today, I have got a lot of work to get finished tonight so let's get to today's movie. Night Passage starring James Stewart and Audie Murphy. This film was released by Universal Pictures in 1957 and was directed by James Neilson. The supporting cast is filled with many character actors from the time. You may not know them by name, but if you watch many western movies, you will surely recognize the faces.

This movie centers on a former railroad employee, Grant McLaine (Stewart). He is hired to help deliver the railroad's payroll. The railroad company has been having trouble with bandits and has been robbed many times. Ben Kimball (Jay C. Flippen) works for the railroad and hires McLaine in hopes he can deliver the payroll safely to its destination. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it turns out McLaine has a tie one of the bandits causing trouble for the company. He finds out his brother has joined the bandits and is now known as the Utica Kid (Murphy). When the brothers come at odds to one another, things get a might complicated.

Movie Snack Recipe

Normally I pick recipes I can in somehow tie in to the movie one way or another, but today I'm sharing a recipe I just personally want to make. I have been thinking about this for a while now, craving it actually. I think it just might make it into the dinner menu tomorrow night.

This is Vegetable Tempura by Just One Cookbook <--- click for recipe). Be sure to check out their other recipes on their website. Not only do they give you great recipes but they also give you tips and tricks to get the best results from them too.

This dish would be great with a dipping sauce or just as it is. If you are not a "fan" of vegetables, you should give this a try. While deep frying is not "healthy," it can be a way to get more vegetables in your diet once in a while. Just suffering through salads everyday can get boring. I may be a vegetarian, but I have never been fond of salads.

So that is it, posse. It's time for me to get back to work on the books. Keep watching my social media for more news and updates coming between now and Christmas. I have a lot of things planned and I hope to have loads of surprises!

Great Westerns

Remember, many great western movies started out as great western books. If you haven't already, why not read my Into the West Saga Serial Collection (<---click to view books). Parts one through six are available now on and I'm currently writing the final chapter of this saga, part seven, Into the West: Family Ties. It is currently set for a Christmas release.

Don't forget, you can join my mailing list and never miss out on news or upcoming release dates. Just go to our subscribers page (<--- click here) and give us your name and email address. When you join up, you get to read the first chapter of Into the West: The Orphan Train for free. If you haven't read my books this is a great way to try them out with no risk to you or if you have Kindle Unlimited the entire Into the West Saga Serial is available to read free with your subscription. The mailing list is free to join, quit anytime, no strings attached . . . ever! What have you got to lose? Join us today and start reading!

You know what time it is now, posse! It's time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great western movie!




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