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Monday Movie Madness: Monte Walsh

Hello Posse,

I have to say, taking last week off from all the social media upkeep did me a world of good. It made me realize how hard I have been pushing myself to try to get my books noticed and how little ground I have picked up with all the effort. I think I need to do some reevaluating and see if there isn't something I can do different to make more of a difference.

So much of what I have been doing depends too much on the "kindness of strangers" to post reviews of my books, share my posts, tell others about my books, etc. That is asking a lot of people who have no investment, personal or otherwise, in my success. going forward this next month, I am going to keep things as they are while I research a bit more on what I can afford to do as far as promotions and advertising. I may end up changing my social media offerings including how I do the blogs. We will see.

For now, it's time for another good western movie (or two)!

Today's film is Monte Walsh. The original film version was released in 1970 and starred Lee Marvin, Jeanne Moreau, and Jack Palance. A remake was release as a made for TV movie 2003 and stared Tom Selleck, Isabella Rossellini, and Keith Carradine. Both incarnations were loosely based on a 1963 western novel by Jack Schaefer with the same title.

Both moves focus on the end of the era of the cowboy life. Time are changing and the world is modernizing. Monte Walsh is a cowboy who is finding that his particular talents are not as needed anymore and if faced with what to do with his life. He could move and search out the last spaces that still have a need for cowboys or he could choose to move into a whole new direction in his life. He considers marriage but the idea just doesn't fit with what he had pictured for his life. He could join a traveling Wild West show but that would mean spending all of his time in towns performing and very far away from the wide open ranges he loves.

Roger Ebert once referred to the original 1970s version as ". . . the first three-handkerchief Western." (<--- click to read full review) Whether you choose to watch the original or the more recent version, this is a great western story that should not be missed.

Now . . . it's time to get your snacks!

Today's movie snack recipe is a healthified version of a universally favorite snack food, potato chips! Veg Recipes of India has a simple Baked Potato Chips Recipe that is quick and easy to make. (^^ click above on the recipe name to go to their site)

If you want to jazz this up a bit, try adding some flavors to the chips before you bake them. You can dust them with Old Bay, garlic powder, or add a bit of malted vinegar. Powered flavor packets are great for adding flavors to things like this (and popcorn too). Why not try salad dressing flavors like Cesar, Ranch, or Italian. Try sauce mixes like dill, hollandaise, or onion. Try other flavors like taco seasoning, nacho cheese, or even cocoa and chili powder. The possibilities are endless!

So now grab your snacks, posse! It's time for another great western movie!



Monte Walsh Trailer 1970

Monte Walsh 2003 Clip


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