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Monday Movie Madness: John Wayne Month!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and we want to extend our heartfelt love for everyone remembering loved ones today who served and never came home. Their sacrifice can never be repaid and should never be forgotten.

I am finally getting over a horrible few days battling allergies. It is difficult to write when you can see because your eyes won't stop watering and you can't breathe because everything is stuffed up. I love/HATE Spring. But I seem to have hit on the right combination of allergy meds to get it under somewhat control. Now, if the neighbors will just stop mowing!

But enough about that, I am sure you are all wondering how things have been going with the new part 5 book and when I will share more information on it. I plan to finish the book cover design and set up today. Then later this week I will do the formatting and try get the first edit complete then send it off for the second edit. With luck it should be with my professional editor next week and ready to go live by mid June. Keep your fingers crossed.

And now for today's movie. As I am a huge John Wayne fan, I thought it would be fun to do a month of John Wayne movies to celebrate his birthday. We begin with a great John Ford film, Fort Apache.

Fort Apache was released in 1948. It was directed by John Ford and stars John Wayne and Henry Fonda along with other notable stars such as Shirley Temple, Ward Bond, Pedro Armendáriz, and Francis Ford (older brother of director John Ford).

This movie was the first in the cavalry trilogy collaboration between director, John Ford, and actor, John Wayne. The cavalry trilogy included Fort Apache (1948), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), and Rio Grande (1950).

Fort Apache has been noted as the first film to show the Native Americans in an accurate and sympathetic light. Dave Kehr, New York Times movie critic, is quoted as stating of the film, "one of the great achievements of classical American cinema, a film of immense complexity that never fails to reveal new shadings with each viewing ... among the first pro-Indian Westerns"

The movie follows Lieutenant Colonel Owen Thursday (Fonda). He is considered a Civil War hero and moves to Arizona with his daughter, Philadelphia (Temple), to take over the command of the military outpost, Fort Apache. Thursday turns out to be an arrogant and pigheaded man who is obviously ignorant when it comes to dealing with Native Americans. Thursday is determined to start a conflict with the local Native Americans to earn himself more military honors. Captain Kirby York (Wayne) has different ideas and clashes with his new commander. Going against a military superior can have dire repercussions but when lives are at stake, sometimes a good man has to stand up for what is right.

Movie Snack Recipe

It seems fitting that for today's snack we would have John Wayne Casserole. The story behind this recipe is John Wayne himself contributed this recipe for a cookbook published in 1979 titled, Cooking with Love from Cara and Her Friends. The book was put together by Cara Connery with recipes from all of her friends, John Wayne being one of them.

I thought this would be great to leave out the biscuits, cook everything else as directed them put this on top of tortilla chips for a loaded nacho plate. I think we will be trying this on the weekend!

You know what time it is now, posse. It's time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great western movie!



Fort Apache (1948) Trailer

Fort Apache - The New York Times, Critics' Pick

Fort Apache (1948) Full Movie


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