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Monday Movie Madness: A Lady Takes A Chance

Hello, Posse!

I know I write this all the time, but today is going to be short and sweet. We have the super bowl tonight and tomorrow is Valentine's Day/Shaggy's Gotcha day! We will be doing a lot of family together time tonight and tomorrow.

I just finished making and scheduling a bunch of ads for my free ebook giveaway tomorrow. Everyone deserves to get a little love on Valentine's Day so we are spreading the love in the form of FREE ebooks!

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I need to go prep our super bowl dinner, so let's get on with the movie!

With today being Valentine's Day, I wanted to find a western romance to share and who should have the perfect one? The Duke of course!

A Lady Takes a Chance is an American romantic comedy. It was released in 1943 and was directed by William A. Seiter. It stars Jean Arthur and John Wayne along with Charles Winninger, Phil Silvers, Mary Field, Don Costello, John Philliber, Grady Sutton, Jean Stevens, Grant Withers, Hans Conried, Ariel Heath, Sugar Geise, Joan Blair, Tom Fadden, and Dorcas McKim.

The screenplay was written by Robert Ardrey and based on a story by Jo Swerling. The movie was an RKO production by Frank Ross who just happened to be married to Arthur at the time. The movie earned more than a half a million dollars at the boxoffice, which is about $8,248,580 in 2022 dollar value.

The story follows city girl Mollie Truesdale (Arthur) as she leaves her home in New York City for vacation. On a bus tour out to western America led by Smiley Lambert (Silvers), Truesdale meets handsome cowboy, Duke Hudkins (Wayne). The two meet at a rodeo and the sparks are instantaneous. While Truesdale has her share of suitors back in New York City, there is something about the macho cowboy that she finds very appealing. Unfortunately for her, Duke prefers his bachelor freedom to commitment. Can Truesdale entice the cowboy away from his partner Waco (Winninger) and his horse or will she have to make due with the city slickers back home? You'll have to watch to find out.

Movie Snack Recipe

With charcuterie boards being so popular right now, I thought a movie night charcuterie board would be a great Valentine's Day movie snack option.

Check out this Movie Night Snack Board from Simple Made Recipes by Amber. (click the red text to go to site)

While this one is definitely setup for Dolittle with the gummy bears, goldfish and animal crackers, you can use this as a starting point to mix and match for any movie you want to pair it with.

Personally, I would want to add in a few more flavored popcorn bowls. We recently bought an air popper and I have been loving making different flavored popcorns with it. Just spray on a little butter flavored oil then toss with your favorite seasoning. So tasty and a LOT fewer calories and fat than traditionally made popcorn. So far, vegan ranch flavor is my favorite, but we just ordered different vegan taco, cheddar and nacho cheese, and bacon flavors. I can't wait to try them all! So use your imagination and have fun with this.

Remember . . .

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But now you know what time it is, posse. It's time to grab your snacks and settle in for another great western movie!



A Lady Takes a Chance 1943 (Full Movie)


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