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Manic Mondays: Rainy Days ...

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Hello My Happy People,

I hope the weather is nice where you are. We have had some crazy weather here. It was unbelievably hot and humid one day then cold and rainy the next, and today the weather can't seem to decide which way it wants to go. I feel like I'm living back in Kansas again.

I managed a great push on writing Into the West: Family Ties this weekend. I am up to about 16,000 words. Keep in mind most of the books in the Into the West Saga Serial are around 40,000 so I think this book is going to be a bit bigger. I plan to try to keep it under 60,000 so it is still a novella and a quick read for you all.

The way I have it set up in my head, if this book gets too long, I can change the ending and use what I have in mind now as the beginning of the next Territories Saga Serial book; Surviving the West. So it will all work out okay one way or another. My focus right now it just to get the final book, part 7, Into the West: Family Ties, finished.

If you haven't noticed, I have been doing a LOT of tweaking on the website. I am still going through checking all the site pages to make sure they appear correctly on cell phones, tablets, and computers. I just updated a lot of the site fonts and colors to make things more coordinated throughout the site. I you didn't notice before, the new color scheme is a blend of what I had for Dianne's website and for Stephen's website. Stephen's had browns, yellows, pinks, and deep reds while Dianne's had white, light and dark teal, and purple.

I have also been working on a lot of marketing things as well. I have created a video sample for the beta audiobook, Into the West: The Orphan Train so people can listen to a few minutes of chapter 1.

And now I am off to write some more! I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

Go forth and be happy,


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