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Manic Mondays: I Forgot ... Shocking

Hello My Happy People,

I came online today to write my blog and realized I had mentioned I would have a sneak peek for you all on Friday and I totally forgot to share that with you all. In my defense (read my excuse), we got tickets to see Top Gun Maverick and we planned to go out ot eat before the movie so I wrote my Friday blog quickly on Thursday so we would have Friday free for family time and I just ... forgot.

In case you are wondering, it is very worth the ticket price to see Top Gun Maverick in theaters. I am not a Tom Cruise fan and even I loved the movie. In fact, I would see it again in the theater. I think that says a lot.

But now for today's blog. I have been getting caught up in more website maintenance again and realize that is is my brain distracting me from writing. I wrote a little recently but not nearly enough to publish this before Summer hits in June. I have published that this book would be released in Spring and I an still determined to make that happen so I have got to get focused this week! It will happen.

In the meantime, we are going to have the sneak peek today. So scroll down to read a bit from the next and final installment of the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: Family Ties.

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Now on with Into the West: Family Ties - COMING SOON!

Into the West: Family Ties

© Stephen/Dianne Burckhardt 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!

Chapter 1 excerpt:

Mrs. Hanover and Martin took their leave and left Margret to go back to her work in the house. When the pair were out of range of Margret’s hearing, Mrs. Hanover started to “tsk” at Martin.

Martin laughed as he stopped and turned toward the woman who was essentially a second mother to him.

“Is there something you wish to say, Mrs. Hanover?”

Martin stood grinning at the woman as she faced him and shook her head.

“I think you already well know what I would say to you, Mr. Stewart.”

Martin dropped his gaze as he felt himself blush a little. He laughed as he looked up at the woman again.

“You know I did not mean anything inappropriate by my actions, I just . . . I got lost in her for a moment.”

Mrs. Hanover had to laugh at the sheepish look Martin was giving her.

“I know you are a good man with good intentions, Mr. Stewart. But many a good man has made bad decisions when in the presence of a beautiful woman.”

Martin laughed as he nodded his head in agreement with her wise words.

“All I ask is that you remember to make your decisions with this,” said Mrs. Hanover as she tapped Martin in the head. She turned to walk away, but then stopped and grinned at him as she added “and no other parts of your anatomy.”

Martin’s jaw literally dropped at hearing her comment. It took him only a moment to recover himself.

“Why, Mrs. Hanover!” said Martin with obvious shock in his voice. He knew he could not let her teasing go unanswered. “You are becoming quite cheeky in your golden years.”

Mrs. Hanover spun around to face Martin.

“Golden years!” exclaimed Mrs. Hanover. It was obvious she did not appreciate the insinuation.

Mrs. Hanover put her hands on her hips and glared at him. “I think you are become quite incorrigible.”

Matin laughed as he went to her and hugged her. It was only a second before she relaxed and laughed as she hugged him back.

After just a moment she pulled back and swatted him on the arm. “Off with you now, before I decide I’m actually offended at being called old.”

Martin began to back away with his hands up.

“You shall never grow old, M’Lady. You only grow more wise,” said Martin as he grinned at the woman.

As Martin turned to go into the house he Mrs. Hanover call after him. "I think Mrs. MacBride was right but you didn’t just kiss the Blarney stone, you swallowed it whole!”

Mrs. Hanover could hear Martin laughing as he disappeared into the house.

Have a great week, go forth and be happy!



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