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Manic Monday: It's a Secret, shhh ...

Hello My Happy People,

I hope you are all healthy and living the good life! Right now there are so many cool things going on here and I am so bad about keeping secrets, it's killing me. Unfortunately, I have to keep things under wraps for a little bit longer. Not everything going on has to do with Burckhardt Books, some of it is just general life stuff, but my life affects my writing so in some ways, it's all connected. Just know, I will share more as things unfold.

Today is a dedicated writing day after this blog is posted. I want to finish this book, Into the West: Family Ties, as soon as possible. It is coming along well, but soooooo slowly. It is as agonizing for me as I am sure it is for those of you who have been waiting for it. However, I am happy with how the story is developing and that is the most important thing. I have always said I wanted to write compelling stories first and everything else comes second.

I have decided to try writing two books at the same time after I am finished with the Into the West Saga Serial. I am going to try my hand at a paranormal mystery and I want to start writing my biography, Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy. It will focus on my accident, the discovery of the neurological issues, what it was like living through seven surgeries in six months, the time I died briefly after the fifth brain surgery, the years and years and years of painful recovery, and how fantastic my life is now even with the issues I still have to work with (or around) everyday.

My hope is by sharing my story, it will be inspirational to someone else who might be faced with physically debilitating medical issues and with people telling them they will never be able to live a healthy, productive life again. I mean, I am pretty lazy at heart, so if I can pull myself up by my bootstraps, I have great faith in other people being able to do the same and I want to step up and support them in their attempts.

I was thinking if I worked on a fiction and a nonfiction at the same time it might work out well, because working on one would give my brain a break from the creative process of the other but still keep me writing everyday. Or it might be too confusing for my special brain, but there is no way to know until I try. If it's a total disaster I will just pick one and go from there, but I plan to give it a go and see how it works for me.

If you haven't noticed, I have stopped writing blogs as Stephen Burckhardt (though sometimes I do not check the tags and he gets tagged as the author). It is all part of the process of me slowly coming out more and more as the author behind Stephen Burckhardt. However, Dad (Steve) will remain the face of Stephen Burckhardt as long as I write a western/historical fiction series.

I am still fiddling with the Burckhardt Books website. It was a huge project to create Burckhardt Books and them blend in and and try to make it look like three different, but connected, websites. I have had to learn new skills in website coding and design in the process.

The first phase was just getting everything up and functional even if it was not pretty. Now that the basic elements are all on site and working, now I am going back over it all and cleaning things up to look more professional. I hope to have all the final touches finished in the next month or so. Wish me luck!

While all of this computer work is interesting, I look forward to the day I can pay someone else to do this stuff. So please, if you haven't read my books, give one a try. If you have read them, please leave a review. If you don't want to do that, you can always just share these blogs or Burckhardt Books posts on social media. Doing these kinds of things are helpful to any indie author, not just me. So if you have favorite indie authors, show them some love this week.

We have great new interviews coming up on Book Banter with Dianne burckhardt. The next two weeks we have mor from Allie Alvis, known as Book Historia throughout social media and known as just an incredibly cool and talented person to anyone who has had the privilege to meet her.

Following Allie in our lineup is The Social Media Professor, Lisa Silaway. Lisa is a former university instructor and currently owns and operates The Social Media Professor as well as the Guinea Pig Lab. She is going to share some of the best practices to reach your target markets on social media. If you are trying to connect with your clients online, you need to know The Social Media Professor! Check out the links for more information about both of these incredible women below.

That is it for today, people. I hope the weather is great where you are and you can get outside to go forth ... and be happy!


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