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Manic Monday: Hello *cough* 2023!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

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Hello My Happy People,

I know I should have started up my blogs again last Friday, but I came back from New Years in Amsterdam with an unwanted souvenir, the flu. At least it's not CoVid, I've had three negative tests, but at this point it really doesn't make me feel any better because last Friday I think I would have been okay with a coma it hurt so much.

I am better today but we are still going to the doctor tomorrow. It has started sliding into my lungs and I am scheduled for a medical procedure next week and am still hoping I can clear this up so I don't have to postpone it. Honestly, I'm shocked I didn't come home with CoVid. There are no health precautions at all in Amsterdam anymore. The general public seems to be doing well with that, but for someone who is immunocompromised like me, that is pretty dangerous ... C'est la vie.

We do not have another trip planned for a few months, so I have time to build my health back up again. I have two books I need to finish and one I want to begin. The first I think will be part seven Into the West: Family Ties, the final book of The Into the West Sage Serial. I want to finish that and begin the FBI profiler books starting with The Touch. Plus, I'm finally ready to start working on my autobiography, Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy, talking about my neurological conditions, the brain surgeries, and my continual recovery ... it's time.

But for now, I'm going back to bed. I hope your holidays were amazing and the new year has started out better for you than for me! (Update: I fixed the typos I noticed, it's hard to read and cough at the same time.)

Go forth and be happy, people!


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