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Manic Monday: Sneak Peek ... The Touch

Hello My Happy People,

Today really is a Manic Monday. I have been up since 6:30 this morning, running to doctors visits, shopping, helping P.R. get ready for an event coming up, and trying to line up someone to be a regular sitter for Shaggy when we need someone because our landlords, who have always watched Shaggy for us before, can no longer do it for very legitimate reasons, with which we understand and sympathize.

I want to secure someone now before we really have a need of a sitter for him so we won't get caught frantically searching for someone at the last minute. I will be meeting two women here in the next week or so. Cross your fingers for us that they are both a good fit. Finding two good ones we can use when we need would be amazing!

I'm going to cut this short today (I know I always write that but today I mean it!) because I still have more things around the house to get done and then WRITE! I am finding my groove again so I do not want to skip writing time.

So for your sneak peek today I am going to post the sneak peek I just posted on Tiktok. If you are on there, be sure to follow me. It is quick and easy to put updates on there so more than likely they will be hitting there first and here second. But if you aren't into TikTok, don't worry. The same messages will come here too just possibly a day later.

*Trigger Warning*
This new book is a crime thriller about an FBI profiler trying to catch a sexual predator/serial killer so if you do not want to hear about assaults on women, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.

Have a great week, people!


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