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Friday-ish Funnies: Feels like a Manic Monday

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Hello My Happy People.

I know today is not Friday, but Saturday is Friday adjacent, so we are going to go with a Friday-ish funnies blog today ... just go with me on this. I have been driving myself crazy here trying to get everything done on my social media, and have time to spend with my better half P.R., do housework, do the podcast, and write the last book in the Into the West Saga Serial and ... I am burning myself out.

For me, that is a very, very bad thing. When I get too stressed, I have more neurological episodes and I start making a lot of mistakes, which has started happening. So the thing that might end up getting forgotten once in a while will most likely always be the blogs. Honestly, not a lot of people read them or share them so they do not give an equivalent return of engagement for the effort required to write and post them. So, while I will never intentionally skip one, they are are top priority and I might forget one now and again, like yesterday.

I was very preoccupied because we were celebrating something for P.R. and I was working on making some videos to finally get my TikTok account going (which you can see the first two videos below). I thought it was about time to put something on there since we have had that account for a while now and done nothing with it. Plus, I (think) I have figured out how to make the audiobook downloadable from my website for everyone. If that is working correctly, then I can start work on the final versions of all of the audiobooks. However, I'm a little on the fence about doing that at the moment.

I am not sure audiobooks are going to provide the return on investment needed to create them at this point. I have not seen a lot of interest in the FREE version of the Into the West: The Orphan Train audiobook so I'm wondering if putting in the months of work to create all the audiobooks for "sale" will be profitable. I think we will see how it goes with the free giveaway audiobook over the next month and decide where to go at that point.

If you want to help test out the downloadable audiobook of Into the West: The Orphan Train, you can just scan the QR code or go to our new Burckhardt Books General Store page (<--- click here) and download it from there.

The full and complete audiobook version of Into the the West: The Orphan Train is 100% free, but the download does require you to give us your email address because it emails you the file.

But, never fear! We do not spam you with a load of hogwash, I mean I forget to post my own blogs sometimes so you know I am not going to be sitting around thinking up content to email you about. We do not sell or share your information either, so you know your info is safe with us.

But I think that is enough business for today, how about we get to the funnies?!!!

Have a great weekend my happy people!


Q: After his crops failed, why did the farmer decide to try a career in music?

A: Because he found he had a knack for creating sick beets.

Q: What inventions of the last 100 years do you think is the best?

A: It has to be the dry erase board, it's the most remarkable.

Q: Doctor, why do I never seem to get sick Monday through Friday?

A: You must have a weekend immune system.

Q: Where do pirates buy their hooks?

A: They get them at second hand stores.

Q: What do you think Frenchman wearing sandals?

A: Philippe Flop.

Q: Which Presidents in US history were the greenest?

A: The Bushes.

Q: What is it called when you find a wooden shoe in your toilet?

A: Clogged.

Q: Why is it always cheaper to host a party in a haunted house?

A: You don't have to buy drinks, it's already filled with spirits.

Q: Have you heard about the new corduroy pillows?

A: They're really making headlines.

Q: Why do you think Marvel should use the Hulk more for advertising?

A: Come on ... he’s already one big Banner.

Q: Which days do you think are the strongest?

A: It has to be Saturday and Sunday, because the rest are all weekdays.

And last but not least .... (This one is an age test)

Q: Siri was acting weird today. I asked her, "why do you keep calling me Shirley?"

A: But then I realized, I had accidentally left my phone in Airplane mode.

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