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Friday Funnies: Writers!

Hello Posse!

I hope you are all staying safe and warm out there across the US and are not having to deal with power outages and burst pipes. This last week has been crazy as arctic storms have turned the temperatures in to a nose dive like has not been seen before in many years.

We actually got above freezing for a few days and had rain so all of our snow here is now gone. However, the cold returned today, but the forecast is giving us hope that we might see some sun here again soon.

I am working on book five in the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: Last Showdown. I have also been working on a new readers group on Facebook. For those who are new to my page, Stephen Burckhardt is a pen name for me. I also will be writing as Dianne Burckhardt. I have Facebook author pages under both names and just created The Reading Room by Dianne (<--- click here to go to page). It is a chat group for readers.

If you are on Facebook, you should join us. Authors can post ads for their own books on Saturdays and Sundays and readers are welcome to post about any books they have are reading or have read that they just want to share. Check it out and join us! I'm hoping to share a sneak peek of book 5 in the group soon.

For now, I think we need a little humor to lead us into the weekend! Since I am doing "authory" stuff today, I thought jokes about writers would be appropo.




Q: What's it like to be a self-published author?

A: It's difficult to put into words.


Q: Why aren't escaped convicts good writers?

A: They don't finish their sentences.


Q: Why do farmers make great writers?

A: They really know how to work a plot.


Q: What has 12 actors, six settings, two writers, and one plot?

A: Hallmark movies.


Q: Why do writers make good bakers?

A: They make excellent synonym rolls.


Q: How does a Buzzfeed writer catch a fish?

A: They use Clickbait.


An SEO content writer walks into a

{ bar | pub | public house | drinking establishment }


Q: What do you call a street where only writers live?

A: A writer's block.


Q: How did Mary decide if she should be a hairdresser or a short story writer?

A: She flipped a coin . . . heads or tales.


Q: What do you call a writer who writes songs about sewing machines?

A: A Singer songwriter.


Q: Why do Vampires make bad editors?

A: Because they hate Type O's!


Q: How do writers in Prague edit their work?

A: They use Spellczech.


Q: Did you hear the President's speech writer suddenly resigned?

A: He was speechless.


And last but not least . . .

Q: Why are writers always cold?

A: Because they are always surrounded by drafts!


I did not find any videos of writers jokes so I went with this for an end video. Enjoy!


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