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Friday Funnies: Winter is Coming!

Hello My Happy People,

I hope you have had a great week and have even better things planned for the weekend. P.R. and I are trying to stay in for the most part. We leave for the UK on Wednesday and will be doing a lot of things out and about while there, so the next few days we plan to just be fairly quite and spend time relaxing at home.

I know in the states many places are already seeing some snow and I have to say I am a bit jealous. We often get cold, wet weather here in Düsseldorf, but it rarely get cold enough for snow. When it does snow, it usually only lasts a day or two. I miss a good snow that lasts a while ... a week would be nice.

We are almost ready to go on our trip and when we get home we will be in high gear getting ready for the holidays. I am not usually big on Christmas. For me the holiday usually just means stress, but this year I am really looking forward to it. My bonus daughter Mary agreed to come spend Christmas and New Years with us. I am beyond thrilled!

My other bonus daughter, Connie, has come and spent the holidays with us before, but Mary never has. We have all kinds of things planned for her visit: going to the Christmas markets, getting Glühwein (mulled wine), making Christmas ornaments, baking cookies for the neighbors (and us of course), and just spending the time together. We have a few surprises for her and I can't wait until we get to reveal it all to her. It is going to be an amazing two weeks.

I hope your holiday preparations are going well no matter what holidays you celebrate (or don't celebrate for that matter) and this time of year brings you nothing but peace and joy.

Have a great weekend, people!


Q: Why was the ornament addicted to Christmas?

A: He had been hooked on trees his whole life.

Q: Why are Santa’s helpers often depressed?

A: Because they have low elf-esteem.

Q: What do you call Santa Claus when he has no money?

A: St. Nickel-less.

Q: What do you call a child who doesn’t think Santa is real?

A: A rebel without a Claus.

Q: Why does Scrooge love reindeer?

A: Because every single buck is dear to him!

Q: Why do mummies love Christmas?

A: Everything gets wrapped!

Q: What do you call a blind reindeer?

A: I have no eye deer.

Q: What do you call a reindeer with no manners?

A: Rude-olph.

Q: How is Christmas like your job?

A: You do all the work and some fat guy in a suit gets all the praise.

Q: What do you get when you cross Jack Frost and a vampire?

A: Frostbite.

Q: What do you call Santa’s helpers?

A: Subordinate clauses.

and last but not least ...

Q:. What did Adam say to his wife on Christmas?

A: It’s Christmas, Eve!

Best Holiday Jokes 2020 - Jim Gaffigan

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