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Friday Funnies: Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Hello, Posse!

This is going to be short and sweet today because I have got a lot of things I am working on right now. I am finishing up the new website design and making sure all the links work and trying to figure out how to get the live chat back in. I'm learning how to do an interview for the podcast when the person is on the other side of the planet. Plus it's date night with the better half and I have about an hour before our dinner is delivered so I am rushing.

Plus, I'm designing an entire ad campaign quickly because I suddenly decided today it would be a good idea to giveaway book one in the Into the West Saga Serial for Valentine's Day this year. Nothing like doing things last minute.

If you haven't read my books yet, now is a great time to try them out!

You can get the award-winning part one of the Into the West Saga Serial, Into the West: The Orphan Train FREE only on February 14th on Amazon.

Just scan the QR code in the gift box to go or you can just click this link ---> FreeEBook4ValntinesDay on February 14th to get it FREE!

So, let's not pussyfoot around . . . on with the jokes!

Enjoy and have a great Super Bowl/Valentine's Day weekend!


Q. Why is it a bad idea to fall in love with a pastry chef? A. Because he's sure to dessert you.

Q. What is an octopus’s favorite love ballad? A. I Wanna Hold your Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand, Hand!

Q. Why do melons always have big church weddings? A. Because they cant-aloupe.

Q. Why did the police officer arrest his girlfriend? A. Because she stole his heart.

Q. What do you call young love at a kennel? A. Puppy love.

Q. What type of flowers do chipmunks give for Valentine’s Day? A. Forget-me-nuts.

Q. What did one oar say to the other oar? A. Feel like a little row-mance tonight?

Q. What did Bugs Bunny say to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? A. Somebunny loves you!

Q. What do you call love birds on Valentine's Day?

A. Tweethearts.

Q. What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine's Day?

A. I'm really stuck on you!

Q. What did Shamu say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

A. Whale you be mine?

And last but not least . . .

Q. Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day? A. Every year . . . it's February 14th!

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