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Friday Funnies: Surprise Book!

Hello, Posse!

I am sure some of you are looking at the photo above and wondering what the heck is going on. I mean we already went through a whole cover reveal for Part 5 Into the West: Last Showdown. I even made a video for it and have been sharing the cover photo all over my social media for months now as I continued to finish writing the story . . . and writing . . . and writing . . . . I wrote so much the story was well past a novella length and frankly had stretched to double the length of Into the West: The Orphan Train and I still have at least three more chapters to go to finish the story to where I want it to be for the final novella in this serial.

How could I possibly fix this mess I had literally written myself into? I ran a poll and the consensus was without a doubt that readers would prefer if I broke it up into two books. So, that is what I am doing.

The good news is, this means the new book five is basically written. I just have to do a first edit and a little rewriting to end it how I want, then send it off to the editor.

While that is getting the professional edit, I can finish up writing the last few chapters of, what is now going to be part six, Into the West: Last Showdown. With luck, I should actually be able to release these fairly close together and I know the story already for the final book and plan to get started on that as soon a part six is with the editor.

I still blew the usual format for book five and sadly there is no way to correct that, but I think the story will be good enough it will not be a big deal. This is my first go at doing this kind of set up so it's not surprising I made a mistake. I'm human and Im learning.

Some more good news!

I already have a cover and name for the new part 5 book and will be doing a reveal next week. So keep watching my social media for more news, coming soon!

But now, it's time for some jokes!




As we will be celebrating John Wayne this month for Monday Movie Madness in celebration of his recent birthday, I thought a few John Wayne jokes would be good today.


I love to call up a hotel and when the receptionist answers, "Hello, Best Western . . ."

I yell, "True Grit, starring John Wayne!" and hang up.


Q: Why did John Wayne toilet paper never become popular?

A: It was rough, tough, and didn't take crap off anyone!


Q: Why did John Wayne always ride a horse in his movies?

A: Because it was too heavy to carry.


Q: John Wayne liked to cook. Where did he prefer to make all of his meals?

A: On the range!


Q: Did you hear that John Wayne had wanted to make a new movie just before he died?

A: Yes, it was a new western called, The Sun and set in the West!


Q: Why did everybody think John Wayne was so funny?

A: Because he was always horsing around on set!


Q: How did John Wayne know the cattle were following him on set without turning around?

A: He herd them!


Q: John Wayne rides into town on Friday and 3 days later, leaves on Friday, how did he do it?

A: His horse’s name is Friday!


And last but not least . . .

Q: Why was John Wayne so rich?

A: You'd think it was from starring in all his blockbuster movies, but actually his horse gave him a couple of bucks every day!


John Wayne on The Beverly Hillbillies

Don Rickles TV Special, 1975 With John Wayne


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