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Friday Funnies: Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Hello Posse!

It's that time of year again when many people start gearing up for the big game coming this Sunday. This should be an interesting one in our house this year. I am a KC fan, though as a Native, I do hate their name (but I will not go into that now) and my better half is a Tampa fan. Someone may end up sleeping on the couch after this game.

With the Super Bowl so close, I thought this would be the perfect time for some football jokes. But before we get into that, I was struck by a revelation this week and would love some feedback from you.

Someone I know is also a self-published author. She write romance books and self-publishes several books a year. She was telling me how she is making a great living doing this. I decided to check out her books.

I read a description online for one of her many books. The published synopsis had an obviously missing word, improper grammar, and at least one spelling mistake. I then checked out the free peek inside the book and found her story to have the same issues. Her story idea is imaginative and interesting but, at least for me, the technical problems were very distracting. However, even with all of these technical problems, her books are selling well. This revelation got me to thinking.

I know I take forever to get my books published. I had originally hoped to write three books a year and have a saga done in two years. But I chose to spend time to study language, grammar, and editing skills in an effort to try to become a "skilled" writer, not just in the storytelling but technically as well. While my friend is an imaginative writer, I respect her work, and I am beyond thrilled for her financial success, it makes me wonder if my rabid attention to technical skills is even necessary.

I do understand that her genre is much more popular than mine and that does have a big part to play in our differences, but she is not the only author I have seen who has obvious technical issues in their work and yet their books still sell well. I have to wonder if technical quality is even valued or if just publishing more often (this is assuming the story is good) is the key to making money as a self-published author.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. What is important to you as a reader? Will you overlook grammatical issues if the story is good enough? Will you continue to buy books from a self-published author who continually has spelling and grammar mistakes? Would you want me to write faster and just get the story out to you or is the technical quality important? I hope you will take the time to give me your input.

But for now . . . on with the jokes!

Have a great weekend, posse!




Q: What do you call a child whose father is a lineman? A: A chip off the old blocker.


Q: What did the receiver say to the football? A: Catch you later.


Q: Where do football players go to buy their uniforms? A: New Jersey.


Q: Where do football players go when they are hungry? A: To the Supper Bowl.


Q: What did the football say to the place kicker? A: I get a kick out of you.


Q: What kinds of shoes do centers wear? A: Hiking shoes.


Q: Why are football players always cool during games? A: The stadium is always filled with fans.


Q: Why is it always warmer after a football game?

A: All the fans have left.


Q: Which state would be a better home for the Buccaneers? A: Arrrrrrrkansas.


Q: Why shouldn't you play football with pigs?

A: Because they always hog the ball.


Q: How are scrambled eggs and a losing football team alike?

A: They’ve both been beaten.


Q: Why did the football coach kick the broken vending machine?

A: Because he wanted his quarter back!


Q: Which player is the easiest target to hit with the football?

A: The wide receiver.


And last but not least . . .

Q: What is the best joke in the NFL?

A: The Buccaneers.

JUST KIDDING!!! (It's the Cowboys, LOL) The actual last joke . . .

Q: Did you hear about the fumbled exorcism?

A: The guy retained possession!


College Football Bloopers


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