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Friday Funnies: SciFi Fun!

Hello My Happy People,

I am just busy, busy, busy this week but I want to get so much stuff done before my bonus daughter Mary, gets here for Christmas. I plan to take time off to just hang out with her since we only have her for two weeks this visit.

I hope you checked out my podcast interview this week with Sci Fi author Kira Hagen where we talked about her first book, Strangelings. She read a bit from her book and we talked about her inspiration for her book and what she has planned for the entire run of her "space opera".

I also hope to do some baking this week. I got canned pumpkin a few weeks ago because I was craving pumpkin bread and I have yet to getting around to making it. Though I probably have need to make a cheesecake first, P.R. has been craving that for months and I have yet to make that either. I need longer days (or a maid)!

I am working on a few things I will share here in a week or so, so keep watching the blogs and my social media as new and excitings things develop for Burckhardt Books.

But for now ...

it's time for some jokes!!!



Q: What kind of flowers grow in outer space?

A: Cosmos.

Q: Why do Ewoks have so much hair?

A: Fur protection!

Q: Do you think there is intelligent life on Mars?

A: Sure, you don’t see them spending billions of dollars to come here, do you?

Q: What do you get if you cross Star Wars and a country singer?

A: Darth Brooks

Q: What fast food do the Borg love?

A: Borger King!

Q: What kind of cares do Borg drive?

A: A Nissan Cube

Q: Which side of an Ewok has the most hair?

A: The Outside!

Q: How do you know if you have a galactic apple?

A: If it has a worm hole in it!

Q: Why can’t two Doctors be together?

A: That would create a pair-o-docs!

Q: How do Ewoks communicate over long distances?

A: They use Ewokie Talkies

And last but not least ...

Q: Why are Jedi never lonely?

A: Because the Force is always with them!

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