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Friday Funnies: Saturday Morning Cartoon Edition

Hello Posse!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready to have a wonderful weekend. Recently, P.R. and I noticed that the new Xbox we bought ourselves for Christmas also has TV streaming apps. We have had a great time checking out the old TV shows that are available on the app.

The kid in me was especially thrilled to see that we can get all kinds of great old cartoons from the old Warner Bros.' Merrie Melodies to a channel just devoted to the Scooby Doo franchise. I am not ashamed to admit, the first Saturday after we found this app., I got up early, got a bowl of cereal and a hot tea, found the warmest blanket, and plopped myself down on the couch to relive a bit of my childhood. I am sure I will do it again at some point.

I remember loving Woody Woodpecker when I was about six or seven. It was appropriate seeing as how the grade school I went to was Rea Woodman and our mascot (which I actually voted on way back then) was Woodpecker who looked suspiciously like Woody.

Over the years, I have continued to love cartoons. My interest evolved to include shows with more involved storylines and more complex characters. Most recently, I watched the entire run of the Netflix show by Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. I'm still a bit annoyed there aren't more of them.

While some people hate to admit they love cartoons, you know someone has to love them or places like Disney would have gone out of business years ago. It is difficult to go anywhere and not see at least one thing that is a tie-in for Frozen, Cars, or Toy Story. I loved all of those, by the way.

Now, it's your turn. What are your favorite cartoons from childhood? Do you still watch cartoons from time to time? If so, what do you watch now?

Since Woody Woodpecker is prominent on this blog, I thought I would go for some bird jokes.

When should you buy a bird?

When it’s cheep!


Why did Mozart sell all of his chickens?

Because they wouldn't stop saying “Bach Bach Bach”!


Did you hear the one about the crow and the telephone pole?

He wanted to make a long distance caw.


What is a parrot's favorite shape?

A polygon.


Why did the little bird get in trouble at school?

Because he was caught tweeting during a test.


What kind of math is a Snowy Owl good at?



What is the rudest kind of bird?

A mockingbird!


How did the bird break into the house?

He used a crow bar.


What is the toughest bird on the pier?

Steven Seagull.


What kind of books did the owl love to read most?


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