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Friday Funnies: Raising Spirits . . . Late!

Hello Posse!

With National Ghost Hunting Day tomorrow (if I had remembered to post this on time, it is today), I thought a few ghostly jokes would be fitting. I love this time of year when the weather turns cooler and the leaves start changing and Halloween decorations start coming out. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It is one that is just so much fun and you can really let your imagination take flight.

I had forgotten I only saved this blog as a draft so I could add in some photos from Shaggy's 5th birthday. His birthday was Friday so the plan was to have his celebration at home, load up a few photos for you all, and then post this blog. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and forgot to set this blog to post. So sorry about that, but I hope the adorable photos of Shaggy at the end of this blog might persuade you to forgive me.

But now, tell me what you love about this time of year. As you contemplate your answer, enjoy these kid-friendly jokes then be sure to check out my Into the West Saga Serial. Part five is being written right now. Sign up for my newsletter for more announcements. The cover reveal and title for part five are coming soon, hopefully this week if I can figure out how to write the computer code I need. Wish me luck!

Now, on with the jokes!




Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite type of pie?

A: Boo-berry.


Q: Why did the police officer set the ghost free?

A: He couldn’t pin anything on him.


Q: Where does a ghost go on vacation?

A: Mali-boo.


Q: What kind of street do ghosts prefer to live on?

A: A dead end.


Q: What room of the house are you least likely to find a ghost in?

A: The living room.


Q: What kind of writer did the ghost hire to write his biography?

A: A ghostwriter, of course.


Q: What did the boy ghost say to the girl ghost?

A: “You look very boo-tiful today.”


Q: What do you call a dull ghost?

A: Boo-ring!


Q: What is a ghost’s official motto?

A: “Eat, drink, and be scary.”


Q: What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog?

A: They’re mist.


Q: Why did the ghost go into the bar? A: For the Boos.


Q: Who did the ghost invite to his party? A: Any one he could dig up.


Q: What’s a little ghost’s favorite game? A: Hide and shriek.


Q: Why do ghosts hate the rain?

A: It dampens their spirits.


Last but not least . . .

Q: Why do ghosts love elevators?

A: It raises their spirits.


Now check out this great joke from Ethan LyBrand's joke of the day for MDA. Then check out the MDA site for more information on this charity.

Shaggy's 5th Birthday

Shaggy has never been thrilled with candles on his "cake". This year I made it with chicken liver, spinach, carrots, and rice with just a little oatmeal to make it into a thick pate. He inhaled it. I love this photo where he is looking at the lit candle. I can almost hear him thinking, "What is wrong with my people? Why do they keep lighting my birthday cakes on fire? How am I supposed to eat that?"

He was such a good boy today. He even put up with me putting the party hat on him, just long enough to get a photo. I know he really doesn't like it so I took it right off after I got a good shot. I know some people think I am a bit to crazy about my dog, but you can really get attached to a pet, especially when they are your therapy dog. They are with you constantly and you learn to rely on them for so much. It is a trusted bond. We are lucky to have him as part of our family.


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