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Friday Funnies: Procrastina....

Hello Posse!

Long time no posts, sorry about that. There have been a few things going on here in Germany the last two weeks which ended up coming together to keep me away from work. It was not planned nor intentional, but I think it did me a lot of good and showed me I need to rebalance my life right now to the chances that are happening here.

The last few years it has been easy to devote nearly all of my waking time to my books, because we have been in an almost continual lockdown here either locally imposed or self-imposed (a lot of self-imposed due to my health risks to be honest). There were no outside events to attend, nothing that took me away from working. I even spent less time with my better half even though we are both working from home, in the same home. PR would be working in the living room and I would be working in my office and we would cross paths going to the kitchen or bathroom and at dinner time. We got used to this and it was not really good.

Then my bonus daughter came for a visit and it shook everything up. We went out to show her around town, went on our first trip out of town since CoVid hit (and I came back with a horrible head cold and I'm still coughing two weeks later. At least it was not CoVid, two negative tests), and we even went to Comic Con again. How much we had missed the last two years here really hit home.

The last week my bonus daughter was here, I really tried to just spend time with her and my better half, enjoying every minute. I am not going to lie, I did NOT want to take her to the airport for her to go home. It is hard not to bug her or PR about when she is coming back for another visit, but I'm doing my best.

I realized just how much I missed spending quality time with my better half and going out around town. We live in Düsseldorf and this place is amazing. Having grown up in Kansas, it is amazing to live somewhere so many entertainment options are available in town or in a town that is just a short train ride away.

I have already marked our calendar for the the wine tasting festival in May and the Fischmarkt on the Rhein which they have once a month from Spring to Fall. We used to always go to these things and I think this is the year we will start going again.

Luckily, even though the government is no longer requiring masks, a surprising number of people still choose to wear them here. For someone like me who is very high risk due to chronic health conditions, it makes it so much safer for me to get out and be social again. I will always be thankful to the local citizens for caring so much about the health of their community.

I am planning to get back to blogging regularly, but I may look at switching things up here soon to see if I can get a bit more engagement from people. I will likely do away with Monday Movie Madness and switch it to something else. What that will be, I am not sure yet. The podcast will stay, and Friday Funnies will likely stay as well. I like the idea of heading into the weekend with a laugh. But I think I need something fresh in the blog lineup.

I am having a difficult time writing. I was talking with a friend about this today. I'm just burnt out right now. I have been working on this series a long time, I'm sad my bonus daughter went home, I (like everyone else on the planet) am tired of CoVid19, and I worry about doing a great job on this last book because there will not be another book in this serial where I can fix anything I forget in Family ties, so it has to be right. I'll be honest, that thought stresses me out and then I avoid working on the book at all. But I'm am pulling myself together and will get it written. I just needed to get my head in the right place first and I think after this weekend, I'll be good to go and wrap it up. It would be nice if I could stop coughing too. That would help!

But enough "business", it's time for some funnies!

Have a great weekend, posse!


Q: What does a nun who procrastinates doing her laundry have?

A: A dirty habit!

Q: What do you call a woodpecker with a procrastination problem?

A: A wouldpecker!

Q: What do you call it when a giant lizard procrastinates?

A: Dragon his feet!

Q: Did you know I wrote a book on procrastination?

A: I'll publish it one of these days.

Q: Did you hear they built a rehab center for people who suffer with procrastination?

A: Ironically they have postponed the grand opening three time already.

Q: Can you explain procrastination in 6 words or less?

A: Yes, but I'll tell you later

Q: I asked my doctor, "Do you think I am addicted to procrastination?"

A: She said, "Yes, but I'm confident you can start at any time."

Last but not least . . .

Q: Did you know my doctor wanted to prescribe a medicine for my procrastination problem?

A: I told him not to bother because we both know I'd never take it.


Stop Procrastinating - ellen degeneres

How To Stop Procrastinating - Very Funny


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