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Friday Funnies: Pet Edition

Happy Friday, Posse!

I hope you all had a great week! P.R. got to work from home again this week, which was great because next week P.R. has to go on another business trip so it will just be me and Shaggy here for the week. Tonight we are ordering dinner delivered and sitting down together to watch the new Star Trek: Picard. Our little geeky hearts are beating in anticipation!

Until dinner time, I will be working hard on finishing the next chapter in Into the West: Most Wanted. I think I need to go back through what I have written so far and take out some of the clues to who the "Most Wanted" are to help string it along a bit more throughout the story. I think I am giving it all away too soon.

Until I am ready to give you another "Sneak Peek," I have some great pet funnies for you to put a smile on your face. I hope you like them!

Have a great weekend!



Why do zou have to be extra careful when it rains cats and dogs?

Because you might step in a poodle.


Why did the dog chase his tail?

He was trying to make both ends meet.


What breed of dog does Dracula love?



How can you tell the difference between a dog and a tree?

By their bark!


What do a dog and a cell phone have in common?

They both have collar ID


What is a dog’s favorite book?

Harry Paw-ter and the Sorcerer’s Bone!



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