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Friday Funnies: Need Sleep!

Hello my happy people,

I am just about half asleep as I type this. I have been so busy this week and just ramping up my anxiety daily because of it. This weekend will definitely be some self-care time. Actually, it is more that P.R. is taking me out to get pampered and forcing me to relax. I have a feeling that was triggered by P.R. coming home from a peaceful three day business trip to a very stressed out writer.

But ... great things have been happening here. This week I was trying to get everything done on my own and it was stressing me out. I sent out press releases this week for the SheInspires award for which I am one of the finalists. I had sent out the first eight to the major newspaper and TV stations I wanted to hit and after I hit send on the last email in that first round, I noticed one instance where I dropped an "n" in my own name. Ugh ... of course! I Hate Murphy's Law!!!

I got passed that mistake and finished up the press releases for the first round of places I wanted to submit to and realized it was about 6 am when I was done. I went to bed and got up around 9 am and started to focus on the second round. It was about 3 pm when I realized I had not finished editing the second half of the interview with Lisa Sillaway, The Social Media Professor which was to air this week, so I had to rush to do that. I did get it posted on Wednesday as it should be, but it was about three hours later than usual.

During these days I was forgetting to eat so I was getting horrible headaches. WHen I realized how late it was, I would just grab saltines or a pudding cup and keep going. At least I didn't forget to feed or walk Shaggy. I even took a few breaks to go play with him a bit since it was just us here. P.R. usually pays a lot of attention to Shaggy so he notices it when P.R. is gone and will come to me for extra attention ... which he always gets!

This week I also finally got my TikTok channel going. I had created it back in March but then never did anything with it. The last week or so I finally got around to figuring it out and have decided to use it as a platform to promote my books and to be more of an advocate for people with brain damage and/or neurological issues. To that end, I have started posting my Mutant Chronicles where I talk about my neurological conditions, and other neurological disorders, and the kinds of challenges people like me face on a daily basis. Below is part 1 of the Mutant Chronicles I recently posted on TikTok. It has more than 400 views at the moment.

(^--- link to TikTok page, click to go)

I hate to admit this, but I was so busy with everything this week, I did not write one word on the next book, Into the West: Family Ties. I plan to write this weekend and will just shift the sneak peek to Monday.

That is all for today. I'm so tired I'm losing track of what I want to do so it's time to stop writing and get to the jokes!

Have a great weekend, my happy people!


Q: Why did you wake up with a such puzzled look on your face?

A: I fell asleep on my crossword.

Q: Why do dragons always stay in their den and sleep all day?

A: To be rested to fight knights.

Q: What dinosaur is noisy when he's asleep?

A: A Tyranno-snorus.

Q: Know why I'm so good at sleeping?

A: I can even do it with my eyes closed.

Q: If the King sleeps on a king size bed and a Queen sleeps on a Queen size bed, where would a princess sleep?

A: On an heir mattress!

Q: Did you apply with the mattress company to test out new products?

A: Of course, getting paid to sleep would be my dream job.

Q: What does the gingerbread man put on his bed?

A: Cookie sheets.

Q: Do you ever have the urge to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” ?

A: No, but it feels like it's just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away.

Q: What do you call a sleeping steer?

A: A bulldozer.

Q: What do you call it when a kid refuses to go to sleep?

A: Resisting a rest.

Q: Where do books sleep?

A: Wrapped up in their covers.

Q: Did you hear about the guy who always overslept until his doctor recommended sleeping in a herb garden?

A: Now he always wakes up on thyme.

Q: DId you hear about the kidnapping on my block today?

A: It’s okay though, he woke up.

Q: Where do fish sleep?

A: On the river bed.

And last but not least ...

Q: Did you hear about the condition that makes you eat when you can’t sleep?

A: It’s called insom-nom-nom-nom-nia.

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