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Friday Funnies: National Tattoo Day (Mistakes)

(Photo is not me. Just a great tattoo of the Burckhardt family crest)

Hello Posse!

Today is national tattoo day! I do not know about how you all feel about tattoos but I will admit that I have two. One is on the back of my skull next to my brain surgery scars. I had the Cherokee word for healthy tattooed there sort of as a talisman to help keep me from needing more brain surgeries (6 is more than enough). The other one I call my life/death tattoo. It is a watercolor design because watercolors are messy and so is life. It holds a lot of symbolism for me about how I view human existence.

Today, I thought since I always do funnies for Friday, I thought it would be fun to check out some tattoo mistakes. Actually, the first tattoo I got of the Cherokee word ended up being spelled wrong the first time. My cousin had just opened a tattoo parlor and offered to give me and my mother free tattoos if she could practice on us. She had been doing tattoos for a while and she had done some great work so we weren't worried about her skills.

I told her what I wanted but that I would need to look up how to spell it because my Cherokee language skills were not that good as I had just started learning the language. So she booted up her computer and we searched online. We found the word and she made the stencil and gave me the tattoo. However, we had read the wrong column and copied the phonetic spelling instead of the actual spelling, they were different by one letter. She easily fixed it for me and I joke about it all the time.

Luckily, I had chosen the Cherokee word that just had two letters. There is another word that means something similar but has, I think, 8 or 9 letters. Fixing one wrong letter was much easier.

Anyway, lets get on with the tattoo mishaps!



Q: Did you hear about the guy with the misspelled tattoo?

A: He says he has "No regerts".


Q: What kind of ink do politicians get?

A: Aristotats.


Q: What kind of tattoo tells you the temperature?

A: A Thermos-tat.


Q: Do people in Japan get tattoos of English words?


Yesterday I went to a "temporary" tattoo parlour and got a tattoo.

This morning it wouldn’t wash off, so I went back to complain but the tattoo parlour wasn’t there.


Men with neck tattoos used to make me nervous.

Now they make me lattes.


I was going bald and starting to lose confidence so I had a rabbit tattooed on my scalp.

People tell me, from a distance it looks like hare.

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