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Friday Funnies: Love & Laughs

Hello My Happy People.

Today is going to be a short and sweet blog. You can tell I am already late posting this, I have had a long day. I was up last night having a great interview with amazing women's fiction author, C. D 'Angelo. We had a great time chatting and I can't wait to share the next podcast with you.

Our current podcast with historical fiction/western author LeRoy A. Peters is our second highest downloaded show and the week isn't even over yet. His new book, The Hunter's Dawn: A Mountain Man Adventure (Saga of the Armstrong Brothers Mountain Man Series Book 4), was released on Amazon on Wednesday right after the podcast aired. Be sure to check it out.

Later in February, I will be interviewing my friend and incredible artist Kirstie Page. Kirstie is the creative force behind Remember When Art. Where most of my guests are traditional storytellers using words, Kirstie uses art to tell he stories.

From her website, "Kirstie Page’s colourful artworks invite you in to uncover the hidden secret story as you spend time gazing upon the details contained within each piece. Her works are layered with intricate detail, often rooted in nature, and characterised by bursts of colour patterns and the novel use of symbolic devices." Each work of art has a hidden story behind it. I will post the date for her podcast as soon as we have the interview recorded.

But enough business ... time for some jokes

(These are particularly cheesy today! You have been warned!)

Have a great weekend!


Q: Are you French?

A: Because Eiffel for you.

Q: Did you hear about the near-sighted porcupine?

A: He fell in love with a cactus.

Q: Why do sculptors always fall for their models?

A: Because they love them with all of their art.

Q: Are you a thief?

A: Because you have stolen my heart.

Q: Are you a cat?

A: Because I'm feline a strong connection with you.

Q: Are we socks?

A: Because we make a great pair.

Q: Are you a photographer?

A: No, but I can still picture us together.

Q: Are you a cardiac surgeon?

A: No, but I'd still give you my heart.

Q: Are you from Starbucks?

A: Because I like you a latte.

Q: Is your name WiFi?

A: Because I'm really feeling a connection.

Q: Are you a dictionary?

A: Because you define me.

Q: Do you know what my shirt is made of?

A: Husband material.

And last but not least ...

Q: Do people call you Chapstick?

A: Because you're da balm!

(sorry but you were warned.)

"Weddings" - Jim Gaffigan (Obsessed)

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