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Friday Funnies: Love

Hello Posse,

I hope you have all been having a wonderful week and are staying warm. It seems like the entire northern hemisphere is in a deep freeze right now. We have had sub-freezing temperatures for a few days now. At least we finally got a little snow. I always feel like if I have to freeze my behind off anyway, it should at least look nice and wintery outside with decent (but not too deep) blanket of snow. That is just what we got this year too.

We got about 4 inches at the most and it melted down to about three and stayed that way for a few days. The first full day we had snow, P.R. and I had some homemade hot chocolate and watched a movie with the backdrop of falling snow in the big picture window beside the TV. To me, this was a perfect winter day.

Now, we are looking ahead to Valentine's Day. P.R. and I do not go crazy with this holiday. We don't do presents and candy but instead just focus on being with each other for the day. Usually we go out to dinner and possibly a movie but this year we will be spending it at home. I am making a recipe I found on the internet for a very easy feta tomato pasta dish (see video below for the recipe), I'll make some french bread to go with it, and maybe make some muffins for desert.

After dinner we will watch a movie together and in all honesty, probably play some video games. We're nerds, what can I say? The only gift we do exchange is handwritten love letters which I will be writing mine as soon as I am done with this blog. It is so easy to write a letter for P.R. While P.R. is far from perfect (what human is?) I really feel like P.R. is perfect for me. That is not to say we do not still fight once in a while and we both get cantankerous from time to time because we are human, but we always talk things out and work at supporting and understanding each other. Who could ask for more?

I would love to hear from you. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If so, what do you do to celebrate it?

With Valentine's Day so close I thought some jokes about love, marriage, and relationships would be in order. I do feel the need to mention that my books would make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts and if you go to Amazon you can get a printable gift card your significant other can use to buy the whole eBook or paperback set . . . just sayin'.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day, Posse!



Q: Did you know my wife is just like an asthma attack?

A: Everytime I see her she always takes my breath away!


Q: Why should you never breakup with a goalie?

A: They are all keepers!


Q: Why is it a bad idea to date a tennis player?

A: Because love means nothing to them.


Q: How is breakup like algebra?

A: You look at your X and wonder Y!


Q: Why shouldn't you marry a pastry chef?

A: They will always dessert you!


Q: Why should you never laugh at your significant other's choices?

A: Because you are one of them!


Q: Why did the man rent a boat for Valentine's Day?

A: He wanted to give his girlfriend a little row-mance.


Q: How can you tell if you have fallen in love with a welder?

A: The sparks will fly!


Q: Why was the baseball MVP so good at dating?

A: He could always make it to first base.


Q: My boyfriend who works at the zoo just proposed, do you think I should say yes?

A: Of course! He's a real keeper!


Q: Where does a tightrope walker find romance?

A: Online dating services!


Q: What happened when the candle tried online dating?

A: It found a perfect match.


Q: Can you believe my friends all laughed when I told them I had a date with a hot, young woman? They said she had to be imaginary.

A: The jokes is on all of them! They’re imaginary, too!


Q: Why did the crile break up with the square?

A: She was too edgy!


And last but not least . . .

Q: What should you say to your single friends on Valentine's Day?

A: Happy Independence Day!


Ever wonder how Valentine's Day got started?

Feta Tomato Recipe

(These guys have some great recipes on Facebook but can get a little risqué at time. )


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