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Friday Funnies: Holy Puns, Batman!

(Photo by Emir Bozkurt from Pexels)

Hello My Happy People,

The weather is stormy so that means I have a headache. Because of that, this will be another short and sweet blog. This weekend we will be meeting a woman who might end up being Shaggy's regular dog sitter, if we are lucky. Keep your fingers crossed for us, people. We really want to find someone who can be there for Shaggy everytime we have to go on a trip and can't take him with us. We do not want to have to use a bunch of different people. We want one person so Shaggy has that stability of being with someone familiar whenever he can't be with us.

This past week I have been working on building my TikTok following by doing some silly and fun Harley Quinn lip sync videos. Since I have been so Harley focused, I thought some Batman puns would be good for this Friday. I hope you enjoy them and if you are on TikTok, be sure to follow @burckhardt_books on there too.

I should tell (or warn) you that P.R. just bought me a new toy, a phone stand with motion tracking so I can make videos and have the camera follow me as I move around without needing a camera person. I will be doing a lot more interesting videos with this in the future, I am sure.

Remember to keep watching my social media for The Touch cover reveal ... coming soon!

That is it for now. Have a great weekend my happy people.



Q: What does always Batman put in his drinks?

A: Just-ice.

Q: What is Batman's favourite drink?

A: Vigilan-tea.

Q: Why did Robin shout, "Holy Kleenex, Batman!"?

A: Because the Joker was right under his nose but got away. He really blew it!

Q: What do Batman and a set of false teeth have in common?

A: They both only come out at night.

Q: What is Batman’s favourite Chinese food dish?

A: Kung POW chicken!

Q: Why does Batman refuse to use the white pieces when he plays chess?

A: Because he is always the Dark Knight.

Q: What happened when Batman and Robin were run over by a steamroller?

A: They became Flatman and Ribbon!

Q: Why did Batman climb up a tree?

A: He was looking for Robin.

Q: Why doesn’t Batman like Mr. Freeze?

A: Because he always gives Batman the cold shoulder.

Q: Why doesn’t Batman like going for hikes in the woods?

A: He's worried he'll stumble on poison ivy.

Q: Why did Batman ask Mr Freeze where he buys his clothes?

A. Because He thought his style was really cool.

And last but not least ...

Q: Why does Batman like Two Face better than the other villains?

A: Because he’s only half bad.

Batman Isn't the Best Superhero, He's the Creepiest

| Gabriel Iglesias | Netflix Is A Joke

Harley Quinn What was that - Ash Avit-Media Stanl

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