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Friday Funnies: Holiday Break & Jokes!

Hello My Happy People,

Today is going to be the last blog until January 6th. I am going to take a break from everything to spend some quality holiday time with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your own families and friends.

In the meantime, I want to share this last collection of Dad Jokes to start our holiday break off right. Be sure to check out the replays of some of our most popular author interviews with Book Banter with Dianne Burckhardt while we are on hiatus and prepping for Season two coming the first Wednesday of February 2023. We are working on scheduling more amazing guests and upgrading equipment to make season two better than ever. See you in 2023!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Best Wishes for the coming year!


and Everyone at Burckhardt Books

Q: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

A: Frosty-flakes.

Q: Where do Mr. & Mrs. Frosty go to celebrate New Years Eve?

A: The snowball.

Q: Why does everyone love Frosty the Snowman?

A: Because he's so cool.

Q: What's Santa's favorite candy?

A: Jolly ranchers.

Q: Why does Santa Claus go down chimneys instead of using doors on Christmas Eve?

A: Because chimneys soot him better.

Q: What did copy editors call Santa's helpers?

A: Subordinate Clauses.

Q: What do elves use to clean Santa's sleigh the day after Christmas?

A: Santa-tizer.

Q: What do Santa's little helpers like to eat on a winter day?

A: Elf-abet soup!

Q: What do baby elves learn in Kindergarten?

A: The elf-abet.

Q: What did Santa say to the elves when he saw their Christmas tree?

A: It looks good, but you could Spruce it up.

Q: What subject do elves love to study in school?

A: Chemistree.

And last but not least ...

Q: What do people have if they are afraid of Santa Claus?

A: Claus-trophobia.

The Night Before Christmas (Cartoon) 1968

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