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Friday Funnies: Health!

Hello, Posse!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and are starting to see some warmer weather where you are. We have finally hit the 50s here and are staying around that for the next week with a few days that might actually reach the 60s. While I am sad we went the entire winter with no decent snowfall, I prefer hot weather to cold any day! Plus, it makes for much nicer walks around the neighborhood.

Recently, I have been catching up on all of those "regular check-up" kinds of doctor's visits that you start needing to do as you get older. I was able to put them off with the pandemic, but now that things have gotten under some sort of control here, I finally forced myself to get around to them. While sitting in the dermatologists office this week, waiting for my first head-to-toe skin cancer check, I thought jokes about health and doctor's visits would be great for Friday Funnies. I hope they make you chuckle.

Book Business . . .

I hope to share a sneak peek from Into the West: Family Ties and do a cover reveal soon. Some of you may remember the cover from before I added the extra book in the serial lineup, but I have done a few little tweaks on it so I think it deserves a full reveal video. If you subscribe to our newsletter (<-- click here to subscribe) you will never miss out on news about new books, our podcasts, contests, and more. You never have to worry about getting too many emails from me, honestly I'm too lazy to spam anyone. Who has that time? Plus you can quit anytime, no questions asked, no strings attached. What have you got to lose?

But for now, on with the jokes!

Have a great weekend, posse!


Q: Did you find a good medical book about abdominal pain at the library?

A: Yes but it didn't help much. Someone had ripped the appendix out.

Q: Why are the no love stories about blood vessels?

A: Because they are all in vein!

Q: What is an organ's favourite boat?

A: A blood vessel!

Q: Are you still against organ transplants?

A: No. I was for a long time, but then I had a change of heart!

Q: What happens if you steal someone’s heart?

A: You get cardiac arrested!

Q: Why does your cardiologist keeps sending you x-rays of his chest?

A: I don't know. It's a bit weird, but does show his heart is in the right place!

Q: Did you hear about the man who had his entire left side surgically removed?

A: It was touch and go for a while but he's all right now!

Q: have you heard of

A: Yes, that’s a site for sore eyes!

Q: Have you heard the one about the flu?

A: No. You can tell me, but I hope I don't get it!

And last but not least . . .

Q: Have you heard the one about CoVid19 and the common cold walk into a bar?

A: No, but it sounds like some kind of sick joke!

Dad Jokes Medical Edition | #shorts

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