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Friday Funnies: Date Night!

Hello My Happy People,

I hope this week has been wonderful for you wherever you are! We have had a very stressful week here just from everything we have been trying to get done and finished so we can get things settled for a short vacation in October. Luckily, every Friday night is "date" night in our home so we have that to look forward to tonight.

To celebrate date night, we always either go out for dinner and movie or order delivery and cuddle up on the couch for a night of usually Netflix, Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars binging. It works out great when you and your partner are nerds in the same way. Recently we have been watching She-Hulk and catching up on Better Call Saul. We are waiting on pins and needles for the release of Star Wars: Andor here later in September.

So what do you do for date nights? Do you prefer to go out, stay in, play boardgames, watch movies? Curious minds want to know! If we are not watching movies or TV shows we usually play cards. When one of the girls is visiting, we often play boardgames. P.R. can't get enough of Monopoly, but it's not as fun when it is just the two of us playing. I even still have my complete Monopoly set from when I was a kid that was bought back in the 70s.

I need to go get a few more pages written on The Touch before we shut down for date night. So let's get on with the jokes!

Have a great weekend, people!



Q: Why should the Avengers use The Hulk in all their advertising?

A: He is literally a giant Banner.

Q: Which Avenger is always in a hurrying?

A: Black Widow, she's Russian.

Q: Which Marvel anti-hero cracks the most jokes? A: The Pun-isher.

Q: Which Avenger is the best gardener?

A: The Hulk he has two green thumbs and green fingers and hands ...

Q: What did Tony Stark say when asked if he could fix the universe after thanos messed it up?

A: Of course I can, it's a snap!

Q: Why did the Avengers have to fight blind after the Infinity War?

A: Because they had all lost their Vision.

Q: What would be a great job for Peter Parker?

A: A Web designer.

Q: What would happen if the Silver Surfer and Iron Man teamed up?

A: They would be alloys.

Q: What happens when Iron Man takes off the metal suit?

A: He becomes Stark naked.

Q: Why did the Avengers give Black Widow a GPS tracker?

A: Because she is always Romanoff.

Q: Which Avenger spends too much time in the sun?

A: Cap-tan America

And last but not least ...

Q: What did Tony Stark say when the Avengers got a delivery from IKEA?

A: Avengers ... assemble!

Dad Joke Battle

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