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Friday Funnies: Dad Jokes Ride Again!

Hello, Posse!

I have been had at work this week getting everything set up to get the hardcover versions set to go live here soon for all the books in The Into the West Saga Serial Collection. I have been so focused on the books, I even forgot today was Friday and I have a blog to do. Oops.

This is going to be very short and sweet so I can get back to the hardcover formatting. I need to get this done by tomorrow so I can have Sunday to finish up the new covers for the hardcover editions. They will look the same as the paperbacks, but of course the layout has to be completely different because of the different printing methods. I no longer have the program I used to create the first books with, so I am having to figure out a work around in the program I am using now. It worked okay for part five, Into the West: To Save Them All so I have hopes that Sunday will be enough time to finish this all.

I want to get this all done and set ASAP so I can jump into writing part seven, Into the West: Family Ties. It is going to be a serious push for me to finish this last book in a month and a half. I have never written a book this fast, but I really want to have this done for Christmas so I am hoping my determination will be enough to help me get through it all. Cross your fingers, posse!

I also want to finish the puzzle pages and maybe create a Fun Book to go with the book serial that can be downloaded for free as a bonus this Christmas, create some new post cards and bookmarks, and even Into the West Christmas cards. Yeah, I'm dreaming big this year.

So to get this all done, I need to get back at it. Before I do that, I wanted to share some great Dad Joke from an incredible family of social media influencers. If you are not following them on Facebook or on their podcasts, you need to do so! I'm talking about the Holderness Family.

They have their Facebook page, Instagram, their own website, and a line of merchandise that includes a book they have written on how to have productive "fights" with your spouse. Click the underlined words to find their pages and the book. They currently have more than 4 million followers on Facebook alone. You know they are doing something right to have that kind of a following. I am still under 400 on Facebook. Maybe I should ask them to mentor me.

If you like to laugh, you really need to check out their videos. Below I linked their latest Dad Jokes video for you to check out.

So that is it for today, posse!

I hope you have a great weekend and this video starts it off with a laugh!




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